Saturday, September 25, 2010

:: The Chronicles of the English Vocabulary ::

facts help us through most of the time. facts of life, of love, of science, and of relationships. but bare in mind that facts are meant to be adjusted, or adapted, to each circumstance. at the end of the day, facts, aren't solid after all, they are indeed subjective.

i have not lived as long as our great grandparents have, let's say my great grandpa whom died at 100+ years old. nor have i gone through sufferings or commotions as he had during the Malaya days. nor have i gone through the hardship that he went with great grandma prior to getting solemnized in the middle of the war/state of emergency and up in the hills. those are facts. but facts that lead to questionings, of which may lead to further alterations of one's initial fact of the story.

but when it comes to dealing with facts that people say about you, or your career, or your family, or anything significant to you in that matter, it often trails to emotions; negative, most of the time. imagine someone calling your family "a disturbed institution", eventhough it was a cold hard fact, wouldn't you want to express a little resentment, or disagreement? and somehow you would still want that person to inject a pinch of positivity somewhere along the line, because really, there were some good coming out of all that disturbances?

how about when someone says that you're so negative and ugly that u have no sense of "living"? doesn't it get to you, on how little the other person knows about you when they blurt things as such, because literally they didn't bother getting to know the other side of you?

poeple often make mistakes of judging others through facts that they see facade-ly. no, being BFFs doesn't mean you know them inside out. no, being friends for 50 years doesn't mean u know the other inside out. fact is, no one knows what the other person is like 100%, even if you were blood-related, or married, or were housemates for 10 years. you just don't know.

i have always been the sort of person who tells it to the face. yes i admit, when i'm with friends and family, i was very insensitive. i was vulgar, and i was an extro. some love me, most do not. but it hit me hard one fine day when i found out that a person i call my comfort spitted nasty criticism, of which was regarded as "a cold hard fact". I WAS A NASTY PERSON. and i was slumped. not because i couldn't take that "fact", but because despite the other's bad sides, i never said things like that so transparently. yes, ironic. eventhough i was said to be so transparent and insensitive, i still had morality and dignity. i do not, regard one as low, and so liquidly. the other reason i was slumped was because i prayed for the people around me, including this one. i prayed for Allah to guide us through, to give us good health to undertake our responsibility on earth and towards the preparations of the afterlife. i prayed for sense of forgiving, to forgive those who have made, is making, and will make sins to us. i prayed for everyone's wellbeing and blessed prosperity, and be humble of the good life Allah has granted. I prayed for all. and all I received were bad judgments and perceptions.

think about it. that someone that you just said nasty things about, or criticized about, intentionally or not, may just be the person who has been praying for your good health, and prosperity. you should be thankful that there are people doing it on your behalf, when you hadn't done the simplest good yourself. wallahu'alam.
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

:: Ramadhan, August 2010 ::

aih i've been gone for quite some time haven't i? sorry. really not because i've had a miserable time whatsoever, but literally because i had such a wonderful time with family, friends, and of course the one and only. too many great agendas that i seem to neglect this space, of which had served me superbly well for the past 5 years. thank u blogspot :)

no, i'm not writing (or in this case, typing) again because i have the sudden mishap, no. i had spare time off of work :) yes, part of the good agendas were my work trips, and this time accompanied by my one and only mother. Truth is i've always had this love-hate relationship with mom, but eversince i turned 25, i realized that my mother will always always be a nuisance, BUT she will always be MY mother, and that I am forever her daughter. The trips drew us closer, and funnily she had a great time travelling with me. Sometimes it's kinda annoying that she treats me like a kid still, but then as i complaint to Bob, his replies made so much sense. my mother has only I left, the only child left single, unwed, for her to spoil, tease, control and all those that parents do.

* * * * * * *

makes me wonder what'll happen to me one day when i have my own. that is, if i get married. oh please i do not wish to become a spinster! i would love to have 10 kids with God's will, but the economy and the lifestyle of these final years of the Earth do not allow such "norm" anymore. I personally love watching Bob's family come together for dinners, parties, gatherings and such. yeap, there's 10 of them altogether. and it pleases my soul more than my eyes to witness such an institution.

now could this be signs of me wanting to have my own cool family soonest possible? i reckon. definitely. for to not have them would be a waste of sheer love and unconditional devotion.

* * * * * * *

today marks my 9th month here at this new environment, new office. so far has been hectic, but great. i've learnt, i've swore, i've cursed, i've loved, i've dreaded, i've complaint, i've joked and haven't yet cried. although it did took up most of my time, but it has drew me closer to the ones i dearly love, and i would not substitute this for anything else. last time, hectic work left me estranged, far from social reach, far from truth, far from reality. and God knows how that tore me up to pieces that are now left glued, but with minuscule spaces that the eyes cannot see, but only the heart could bear. i pray each day to help myself forgive; for to err is human, and to forgive is divine. life must go on and my love for myself, for the Almighty, for my family, friends, and those so dear to me shall grow within time, and i shall not practice hatred, nor jealousy, nor vengeance, as they are merely the traits of the satan and its accomplices.

* * * * * * *

Ya Allah.
murahkanlah rezeki kami.
bantulah kami mencari rezeki yang halal.
senangkanlah hidup dan mati kami.
panjangkanlah umur kami.
berilah kami kesihatan untuk menjalankan tanggungjawab kami kepadaMu, keluarga, dan masyarakat.
bantulah kami untuk sentiasa mensyukuri limpah rahmatMu.
bantulah kami untuk sentiasa redha dengan segala ketentuanMu.
jauhkanlah kami daripada terlalu taksub dengan harta keduniaan.
jauhkanlah kami dari perkara yang dilaknati olehMu, dan ciri yang dibenci olehMu.
jadikanlah kami orang yang mulia disisiMu.
kuatkanlah semangat dan keimanan kami.
kami insan yang lemah, banyak berbuat dosa padaMu setiap hari, terimalah abadat kami yang sedikit ini, itupun jika ada.

Ya Allah
jangan Kau matikan kami dalam kekufuran.
jika Kau matikan kami, matikanlah kami dalam keimanan, dan jangan Kau matikan kami di dalam kejahatan dan kemaksiatan padaMu Ya Allah.

Ya Allah
kami tidak layak memasuki syurgaMu, tetapi kami tidak mampu menghadapi api nerakaMu.
bantulah kami Ya Allah, bantulah kami seluruh umat Islam akhir zaman.

Amin, ya rabbal 'alamin.
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Saturday, June 05, 2010

:: Overwhelming Days ::

last week has been terrible.
so many regretful agendas, so many heartbreaks, so many disappointments....

first there were, i may say hiccups on my little sister's reception. do not want to go into that again, ever.

then there was news on my buddy aref's uncle, whom carried so much joy to all those around him... and of course indefinitely to aref, sue and their family...uncle jamil was one of a kind, though i did not have the chance to really know him. few hours of meeting and chatting with arwah gave nothing but positive impressions and that he had one hell of a great heart. may he rest in peace.

then came the passing of the one whom i called my own...none other than my other buddy syazana's mother, Mak. she had always regard me as her other daughter, eversince year 2000. ten solid years of worthy advices, ten years of laughter and tears, and ten solid years of unconditional love. not only that she had been so motherly to me, but she had been my one of my own mother's greatest friends. both mom and i loved her so dearly, and i regret the fact that i couldn't get off work to bid my last goodbye...but i hope my last "i love you" to Mak was enough to let her know that i've always thought of her, and i have never turned my back against her. i still have a hard time coping with the fact that she is no longer around, and i regret every single day that i didn't pay a visit, everytime syazana mentioned how Mak misses me, solely due to my respect for some parties involved. you will always be in our hearts Mak.

Al-fatihah Jamil Abu Hassan, and my one and only, Saleha Hashim.
Moga roh dicucuri rahmat.
i will always love u Mak... :'(

Monday, May 24, 2010

:: Sedih v7.1 ::

astaghfirullahul'adzim. ya allah kuatkanlah hati.

nothing has been easy, nothing.

honestly, THAT TV station i worked with really turned me onto someone utterly horrible. like seriously horrible inside out. i got messier each day, i smoked too much each day, i swear like one perempuan kampung, and the most important thing of all, i scewed up my relationship with the family, and my significant other.

  • it was so bad, that i wasn't invited to birthday celebrations.
  • it was so bad, that i didn't realize my own significant other was going all comfortable with his colleague of whom, personally to me, looked so much like his ex.
  • it was so bad, that i was made to choose between the person in the top management and my own mother, on mother's day.
  • it was so bad, that my world was just shikin, fiqa and her now-boyfriend shahrin.
  • it was so bad, that at night, i felt loneliest ever throughout the wee hours.
i wish i can be just as interesting-looking, slim/skinny, and rich, just as that girl.

yes i'm sleepy. i had the best idea to write, but i guess my little nephew wore me out.

goodnight, sleep tight :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

:: Sunday, 1:35am ::

i don't know why, but i always get myself screwed up in my own comfort zone.
i've been the person people talk to, asking for advices, telling how sad or sorry they were that they got themselves into situations with others, but at the end of the day, i was left hanging, ALONE.


one minute this person is complaining to badly about the so-called close friend (subsequently making ME the next best thing) and that things have changed eversince, then comes another minute when i suddenly see pictures of them together, or witnessing the exchange of love, trust and comfort amongst themselves. suddenly EVERYTHING goes back to normal, and yet again, i lose my "significance". suddenly i'm outdated, and for the gezillionth time, felt STUPID.

Then another party comes to me and said "Well, they ARE the bestest of friends, FOREVER u know. Like, nothing can change that?"

then comes it's back to normal. all the bestfriends go out with each other, they told each other about my opinions and suggestions, they criticize me, and then i'm alone again.

what, is someone trying to tell me that I was born to simply comfort others around me?
yeap, still haven't learned from my mistakes. Again others told me "oh wake up, stop being so straight and naive. Stop thinking that everyone who came to you had 100% genuinely good intentions. Stop thinking that no one's gonna harm u."

Well said fellas, well said. Now i'm back to square one.
they're all merely "close-friends", friends, or acquaintance.
I've been trying very hard to "befriend" my enemies and resolve issues i've had had with people. Now we're all practically talking.

Someone also said to me "Yang kau beriya2 sangat nak jaga hati orang and relationship/friendship orang lain ni kenapa? ade orang lain tu peduli ke to even jaga YOUR hati?"

hmmm....betul jugak.

Thanks to those concerned. U have contributed to my piggy-bank of reasons to NEVER trust anyone at all, ever again.

Thanks. A LOT.
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

:: Minda Kosong ::

here i am, sitting in the office trying to catch a breath.
these few weeks have been hectic, with reports to be written and places to be observed and visited.
my sister is finally married to a friend and currently on their 12-day honeymoon in london.
my elder sister is finally coming home for a holiday this may 27th. oh how i miss my little nephew!

the other nephew is getting more attached to me. yes, he wakes me up every morning in the weekends with a melodic voice, calling my name. Nope, this voice doesn't stress me up at all. to me, his voice is the sound of joy and happiness. a voice that's full of hope. freaky, but i'm starting to feel that i should have one of my own now. hmmm let's see. savings = zero. forget about it.

plans plans plans.

june or july, was supposed to be the month that both bobby and i finally get to bury our feet onto the sands of perhentian, but doesn't look good now. somehow i gotta save more than 1k a month to realize my intentions of getting married next year and have a good honeymoon in land down under. yeah, daddy has summoned me to do so on the night my sister got hitched. so yeah, next year isn't far at all. gotta get myself ready aye?

hmm i'm getting boring by the day. oh well, wait til i get something juicy to share.
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Saturday, May 08, 2010

:: Round of Celebrations! ::

Today's my sister's BIG day, :))
Today's also my dear cousin Azree Zharif Ozair's 26th birthday!
and my stepmom Elly Azlin Abdullah's 36th birthday!

To Nadia Zainudin @ Yaya @ Adeq,
God bless, Selamat Pengantin Baru by 8.30pm insyaallah. Moga jodoh panjang selalu, dimurahkan rezeki, dan dipermudahkan segala urusan... U will always be the little sister i've been protective off eversince we said hello in babytalks :)

Azree Zharif Ozair @ Ajib, u may or may not be reading this, but Happy Birthday dearest cousin... Moga Allah murahkan rezeki, memanjang umur dan jodoh kamu berdua, dan permudahkan urusan dunia dan akhirat awak, wife Farra and little angel daughter Arissa :)

Aunty Elly Azlin Abdullah @ Yanti :P, semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, diberikan kesihatan, dan dipermudahkan urusan dunia dan akhirat...thank u for taking good care of my father!


Saturday, May 01, 2010

:: Salam MoodSwing ::

don't u ever dare walk away from your own sanity.
don't u ever dare play god.
don't u ever dare utter that i am living in denial, when you were the one who needed the constant wake-up-call all through your life.

no, i won't deny that things are easier said than done.
and no, i won't say that i've been through worse than you.
no, i won't say i've got it all.

many of us like to play the "adult entity" when conversing, and many too, have stumbled upon questions that even the self-proclaimed adults couldn't begin to comprehend, yet alone answer with any sort of alibi and/or anecdote, and/or quality-mental-archive. have u ever tried asking those same questions to a 5-year old, whom has zero biasness whatsoever, and whom will reply you without the manipulative emotions of guilt, sorry and egoism. try it, you'll be surprised of how dumb you may sound.

i'm amazed. and shocked, to be exact, on how ungrateful people can be, and of course not excluding myself. selalu2lah kita muhasabah diri, menurut ahli2 ilmiah islam. but the thing that bothers me most are those whom constantly question their lives, and the level of mishaps they've gone through, subsequently directing the blame indirectly to the One and Only Allah swt, and other persons with their respective Gods, with their usual phrase "WHY ME?!" while screaming their hearts out, with body well-postured as if they were inhaling deeply and "expanding their lungs", yoga style. absurd. totally absurd.

and i can't believe some even had the NERVE to ask for my pity, when all they did was lie, lie and LIE. simple, all they did was twisting the story and manipulating ME onto believing as i am so well known for being "so straight" and that i "trust people too much and too easily". thanks, please do take advantage of me as often as you can, godspeed on trying to break me down. smile, you're on candid camera - pitiful portraits slot. so, do expect me to treat you just as friendly too, because i'm GREATER at making you a mega-fool of yourself.

sigh i really am trying to break myself away from all these nonsense and negativity, but still a beginner at it! more seem to come crashing down on me. have mercy please?

i'm on my pms mode, and not in the mood.
nope, not a very good entry indeed.
i'm just uncomfortable.

assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh walridhuanuhu wajannah walmaghfirah.
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

:: To Wife, or Not To Wife; Marriage and the Likes ::

i've attended Kursus Kahwin some years ago with dearly wedded Farah Nadziah and Sofie, my love Mohd Khairul Nizam, 19 years-friend Ana, an acquaintance who shall remain unnamed, and a friend A.J.

'twas said that many married couples got it wrong in leading their daily lives as husbands and wives of Islam. The men actually had the idea that household chores including cleaning and cooking, in addition to taking care of the children have always been, a women's job; also of course satisfying the NEEDS of the husbands. The men then carries the idea that, their main responsibility was strictly at providing Nafkah Zahir, which includes providing basic necessities like money to buy food, clothes for children and a place of shelter. Many men also quoted, "well, you gotta be able to put food on the table!"

Now hold your horses!

Repeat that sentence please.

And this is what the Ustaz said. According to Hadith (can't remember by whom!), men were supposed to provide for the family. and what it means here is that, not just providing money or raw ingredients, but COOKED FOOD on the table. dude, you can't serve your family raw food right? unless it's ULAM or SUSHI! and no, don't expect your family to binge on those everyday! wait, even sushi's sticky rice needs to be cooked! there u go! *grin*
was also said that men are supposed to do the housework! Ustaz said that, the thing with men is, they always take things for granted. (OH THANK YOUUUU USTAZ!) Once the wife helps around with the house chores, they start to think that "hey, she's doing it also, why not skip next week?!" gradually, it becomes "woman, it's YOUR JOB". u really need some serious knock on the head dear men!

And then comes the quarrels. simply because men were not aware of their duties, as per ISLAM. really, please concentrate during your kursus kahwin will u? no wonder divorce cases are inclining like mad! ish! it was also highlighted that, IF, by request, the husband asks the wife to help around, then YES, u better do it woman, else ur asking for trouble! now that's a happy family right there!

on another note, many young, married couples have trouble when they have no other financial support, i.e. wealthy parents. i realized that so many of them nowadays tell stories of how GREAT and WONDERFUL their lives are as married couples, hence planting the idea on others' heads that it's an easy thing! well of course for them u numbskulls, THEY COME FROM WEALTHY FAMILIES! If it weren't for their parents and families, u really think they can have great weddings, nice houses (some even stay with their parents still!), good cars, travel everywhere around the world like every quarter of the year, and have kids, without even having a STABLE JOB? u gotta be kidding me right? some even have SPONSORED maids to help around! the best thing is, some of these married couples even threw sarcastic remarks such as

"ey, lamenye bercinta! duit tu bukan isu la nak kahwin, unless masing2 takut nak commit, kot? tak ke?"

in addition to that, ade yang kate, "eh ok aje i jage anak..memang la penat skit, but takde la susah mane". AMBOI SEHEDAPNYE MULOOOTTT....if your parents are willing to support us and our families, takde hal wei, aku ok ajeeee! ye tak? memang la, as it is, you are not even sweating your bum off to earn a living, senang la hidup! ish geram pon ade dengan orang yang tak considerate langsung dalam percakapan.

subhanallah, bukanlah nak mintak benda buruk, tapi tgk la, Tuhan tu Maha Berkuasa, sekali die tarik kesenangan korang, baru terkial2 nak mintak tolong orang sekeliling. pastu kang bergaduh, bercerai-berai laki bini, all because you had no idea how hard it is to raise a family and earning on your own! oh i wish u all the best. kalau dah senang, jangan tindih2 orang sekeliling and bagi false hope, sebab KAMI BUKAN ORANG SENANG MACAM KAMU. thanks.

Bismillah, mari kita orang BIASA berusaha mencari rezeki yang halal untuk keluarga, dan memohon diringankan beban.

Hasbiyallahu laa ilaahaillahuwa 'alaihi tawakkaltu wahuwa rabbul 'arsyil 'adzim.
Allah yang mencukupi segala keperluanku, tiada Tuhan yang berhak disembah kecuali Allah, kepadaNya aku bertawakal. Dialah Tuhan Arasy yang Agung.
Amin, yaa rabbal 'alamin.

p/s: saya bukanlah orang yang beriman sangat, tapi saye akan sentiasa cuba memperbaiki diri dan bercakap dengan lebih sopan. insya allah.

Monday, March 22, 2010

:: :'(( ::

Jangan lagi kau sesali keputusanku
Ku tak ingin kau semakin kan terluka
Tak inginku paksakan cinta ini...
Meski tiada sanggup untuk kau terima

Aku memang manusia paling berdosa
Khianati rasa demi keinginan semu
Lebih baik jangan mencintai aku dan semua hatiku
Karena takkan pernah kan kau temui cinta sejati...

Berakhirlah sudah semua kisah ini dan jangan kau tangisi lagi
Sekalipun aku takkan pernah mencoba kembali padamu
Sejuta kata maaf terasa kan percuma... aaa...
Serasa ku t'lah mati untuk menyadarinya...

Tapi bukan aku...

Semoga saja kan kau dapati hati yang tulus mencintaimu
Tapi bukan aku...

Friday, March 19, 2010

:: And it continues ::

Life, in this world we're living in, can be quite a scum.
But it's ok, we'll deal with it to our level best.

Smile, because our lives have yet to begin.
you know what i mean :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

:: Tweaks in my Rainbow ::

i believe i've put too much pressure on myself and Bob.

TOO MUCH. luckily he has so far constantly kept his cool and did an awesome job on keeping mine too.

Mohd Khairul Nizam, u are blardy awesome. thank you for being my everything.

Tonight I shall go to the gym for aerobics class with Sue Khalid. kudos to sue whom has lost about 15 kilos over 60 days. yes people, 15 kilos!!! i shall lose my 5 within 30. discipline discipline discipline!

And tomorrow, I shall pay a visit to dear Farah, Sofie and Baby Sayf Irfan with Farrah Najwa, sisters Suhada and Suhana Fauzi, and Emmy Safina (hope u can skip ur class maybe? :P)

ok back to work!

p/s: i have no idea on what to write. but i shall write pretty soon as juicy gossips and hurtful events will be shared soon! huuubbaaa huubbbaaa!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

:: E'en's Life, Take 3773! ::

sigh i've been neglecting my blog for quite sometime. but have not been neglecting the reading of others' blogs ok :)


i've been hearing people giving advices to one another, on how important it is not to put personal and professional matters on the same plate, yet the same people have been "breaching" such principles.

is it really so hard to not mix those two? well to me it isn't, well, so far, hasn't been a problem. to tell u the truth, i've been trained to do so at as early as 12 years old. believe me, i have always been, THAT professional. and yes, my father did an awesome job at having me making my own decisions and critical thinking before i even reached puberty. man i have tons to learn from this man! simple example, i was super active in sports. was even up to state level and managed to score straight As for my PMR. yup, that's how great my father trained me onto being disciplined and focused. but one thing for sure is that, my father had always given us options: would u like to be someone with extensive knowledge, or would u like to be a pro in your area of sports?

somehow along the way, i'd put education as top priority. don't ask me why, but yes, somehow or rather i knew in my heart that a good solid layer of knowledge is essential. of course as a teenager, i could never really figure out why, but i still pursued it religiously. and the determination has not deteriorated to this present day, alhamdulillah. yes, i do hope to have my PhD soon, but money has always been a challenge. I even spoke to dear Bob on getting my second Master's, this time in Education, specifically in Special Education. i somehow grew interests in this line eversince i attended the Montessori course for Special Needs few months ago, as part of my job enhancement. and i am now super fond of children, regardless how the society categorized them as, for they are nowhere different from us all...Bob even had the hunch that I will someday have my own montessori or pre-school centre :) u are indefinitely a sweetheart Bob, i swear :))

as for now, I am happy on where I am. I'm learning a lot from this job, and looking forward to the coming years - although this is pretty challenging! but syukur alhamdulillah, Allah has given me so much, and i am truly blessed. amin!

great news came in last night, Farah Nadziah had given birth to a healthy baby boy (when i say healthy, i mean 3.6kg healthy okaaayyy!) at 8.02pm! *sofie, thank u for the precise time of birth!* hehehehehhe.....Farah's the first mummy of the clan y'all! woohooo! and suprisingly, the rest of us are still SINGLE! (as in not married ok, but dating. ehem.) LOL! insyaallah our turns will be soon, doakan kami! :) alhamdulillah both mom and baby are kicking butts! way to go Farah! we shall visit u guys soon okaaaayyy! yup, EDD was accurate! baby did launch on 15th March! hehehehhe..oh i still hadn't got a clue what the baby's name is! Farah, sila share dengan kami ye! 15.03.10 is a date to be calendered from this day forth *wink* we love u mama farah and papa sofie! (eh, mama dan papa ke masalahnye? ye, aku suka hati please. :P)

oh as for me, my body is ballloooonninnngggg like nobody's business! one day i'm ok, one day i'm bloated, and one fine day i'm all saggy. yekh. trying to get into an exercise routine now, hoping to stay in shape and strong til 2012! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! wish me luck people please, i sooooo need it!

p/s: FIZA FIZO, i miss u. :( please call me or text me soon.
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Friday, February 19, 2010

:: The Great Mirror ::

i have not learnt from my mistakes.
i dont know when will i ever.
i dont know why would i ever.

truth is i never think or perceive bad about anyone.
according to mr significant other and a few close friends, i TRUST people too much. which led me to thinking that no one's that big of a harm.

until of course it harmed me in every way possible.

i always OVERestimate someone's kindness. to me, they're just plain kind, no tricks, nada.
and i always think that people were dead honest to me, simply because everyone around seemed to be more of everything positive as compared to me.

until i was used in every term possible.

i know this, i do. but i keep on making the same mistakes again. solely because to me everyone is different, and everyone should be given a chance (maybe two...or three!) to bring out the most of their personality before any judgements were passed.

and i hope that one day, i will HAPPILY get rid of these nonsense!

again, goodnight and sleep tight.

:: Of Pimples and Scars ::

kadangkala saye rase saye ni syok sendiri, kadangkala rase saya ni terlebih menyampah kat diri sendiri, kadangkala saya rasa macam semua benda tak elok yang jadi kat diri saye sebab saya mungkin dah banyak menyinggung perasaan orang throughout my life. but having said that, kadangkala terpikir jugak ape la jahat saya pernah buat kat orang, sebab setahu saya, saye tak pernah pon sibuk nak hancurkan hidup orang lain....melainkan orang tu buat taik kat saya of course. heh...

tapi has been few years since i ever gave a hoot about anyone other than my close friends. PON ade orang sibuk nak STIRRRR my happiness. eh pelik. oh papelah...

kadangkala tu duduk umah sendiri pon tak comfortable. sebab macam kene observe dalam pusat pemulihan. pakai jeans colour ni salah, pakai subang jenis tu salah, pakai converse shoes pon salah! ntah hape hape. bile la pulak masa bole dok umah and wear whatever i want, sit however i want, and have whatever ice cream i want?! yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhh!

muka saya tak pernah berjerawat sebegini rupa, skang dah naik geli. smue sebab bukan sahaja penat bekerja, kat umah pon macam2 hal. apahal la susah sangat. DUDUK DALAM BILIK BACE BUKU DIAM2 PON JADI MASALAH! apahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall! kang aku merayap, kene bising, tak pasal kene tuduh aku liar la ape la.


on a different note.

my little sister is getting married this may 29th. time does fly, and i sometimes see myself as the pathetic one. don't know why, but however great i am at beating my siblings in terms of achievements, i still seem to be the black sheep. haih penat la hidup macam ni, seriously.

mungkin pasal sekarang dah kurang melafaz ayat2 suci al-quran, bukan seperti dulu, hari2... asyik outstation sampai lupa tanggungjawab kat tuhan. padan muka aku. thanks.

i'm off to yet again another seminar in johore. i shall start reciting the quran again for nothing brings more good luck to me than doing just that.

selamat malam, selamat menonton match MU esok. saye akan teriak sekuat hati bersama encik bob tersayang.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

:: twittwitmebum ::

ok ok so i've been missing for quite a while. aiiihhhhh been busy busy busy.

work-wise, been forever on outstation duties.
love life-wise, been having short getaways with my dearest *wink
social-wise, been hooking up with aref, zana, farrah for meals and teas, and the usj clan for daytrips

other than that, been busy helping out with Bob's sister's significant days. this is what happened.

It was the day Bob and I arrived at his house from Bukit Tinggi. Quraisyah (Bob's second sister) came back with such anxiousness in her face, with tiptop level of determinations on cleaning the house. and i was left pondered. so i asked, and the reply was "oh my god, Wati didn't tell u?".

"What? what on earth am i possibly missing?!" (with absolute confidence that i was NEVER out of the loop of course).

"Heelloooo, Boy's family is sooooo coming tonight, nak merisik Wati la!"

with bulged out eyes, and voice box waiting to explode, "holy craaaaaaaaaappp! why didn't u tell me earlier?! look at how i'm dressed, u gotta be kidding me!"

note: i wasn't wearing anything flashy nor inviting. i was wearing a long-sleeved stripey body-hug and jeans.

"Hello, bukan u yang nak dirisik, buat pe nak cantik2?!"

"Eh hello balik, takkan i nak dilihat sebegini! at least i pakai la baju kurung gak ke ape kan, dah kate i akan dilihat di dapur dan tolong serve makanan!"

"Oh ya eh. ehehhehe...tak terpikir pulak. hehe!"

"Thanks. let me panic now."

and a pair of eyes stared at me for quiet sometime, then came movements from that set of lips.
"Sayang, u tak bawak baju spare eh?...pinjam baju diorg ke?"

"Bie, kita dari mane tadi? dari umah i ke dari bercuti? heh? speaking of pinjam, lebar-wise, yes i can fit into their clothes, but PANJANG-wise, hoi, are u blind? i'm like a freakin midget walking in this house!"

"Oh ya...lupe plak u pendek."

Then a huge laughter from the crowd.

"ha ha very funny ah boy. u wait."

then came a familiar figure.

"E'eeeeeeeeeeennnnn! Boy nak dtg merisik malam ni! tolong i pleeasseee?!!"

"Yes, and so i've heard. ha bagus bagi tau aku lambat2, dan aku berpakaian camni! cheeehh! fine, what r u guys serving? let me help"

And the rest was history. Adam (Bob's photocopy, but in a more youthful and darker version :P) was labelling the dish as "hotel-like presentation", very "semangat" gitu. ok, i'll take that as a compliment eh? :) Ceremony was quick, with Boy's side giving the ring in under 20mins upon arrival, followed by sounds of light clicks and bangs and screeches and knocks of cutlery and plates.

Everyone was happy. As for I, I was having a great time getting to know Bob's elder brother (from the first marriage) Abang Boy, and his girlfriend Dora (dora datang laagiii! hahahha), accompanied by tons of laughter in the kitchen, where we shared guilt-free moments of gobbling down fried rice-noodles, fried chickens, and two local kuihs.

note: Bob wasn't there the whole night, he was out watching Selangor vs KL Plus with friends. yes, has been a habit that his "representative" is seen at occasions like these. again, very funny ah u boy? u waaaaiiittttt!

But i'm not complaining...i had a great time :)

on a subsequent note, now that the Majlis Merisik is over, here comes the Engagement Day!
February 7th, 2010. Take note.

And we've been busy shopping and setting up the dowries, i.e. hantaran. and yes, i'm doing most of the decorations. :)