Monday, March 10, 2008

:: Serabut - an update ::

ok, i don't wanna talk more about this. it stresses me out. benci. take a look at the picture beside... tadaaa told ya it'll be disastrous! :P

Last Friday, our faculty held a food carnival and we had food from 8 different countries, if i'm not mistaken! :P anyway, it was fun. my lovely students were very supportive. :)

ooooo i like everyone of 'em! hahahah..i even ate horse meat!!!! yiiikkkeeessss well, it's softer and easier to chew than beef, but salty.....uurrrgghhh.... but it was alright! horse meat, apparently, is the most famous ingredient in Kazakhstan..heheh hell yeah, i got to taste it..

i even got to taste tuna, flew from iran, and chicken curry, cooked using spices all the way from india...the mash potato by my dear French student, was also awesome! (that's just because i'm a fan of potatoes! hahahah)..the food from Nigeria was awful in smell, but tasted OK. hehe...nina almost vomitted. and she was, for a second, a walking tomato..hahahhha....

oh, the Bangladesh-ian food; it was everything about RICE...hahaha...they serve rice and curry for main dish, and rice+yoghurt+milk+sugar(i think) for dessert! it was ok, but kinda weird having rice in a sweet white sauce...ngeehhh!!!

overall, everything was just GREAT GREAT GREAT!

P/S: Looking forward to the telematch for my foundation students this March 17th! yeehaaww!!!

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