Saturday, June 05, 2010

:: Overwhelming Days ::

last week has been terrible.
so many regretful agendas, so many heartbreaks, so many disappointments....

first there were, i may say hiccups on my little sister's reception. do not want to go into that again, ever.

then there was news on my buddy aref's uncle, whom carried so much joy to all those around him... and of course indefinitely to aref, sue and their family...uncle jamil was one of a kind, though i did not have the chance to really know him. few hours of meeting and chatting with arwah gave nothing but positive impressions and that he had one hell of a great heart. may he rest in peace.

then came the passing of the one whom i called my own...none other than my other buddy syazana's mother, Mak. she had always regard me as her other daughter, eversince year 2000. ten solid years of worthy advices, ten years of laughter and tears, and ten solid years of unconditional love. not only that she had been so motherly to me, but she had been my one of my own mother's greatest friends. both mom and i loved her so dearly, and i regret the fact that i couldn't get off work to bid my last goodbye...but i hope my last "i love you" to Mak was enough to let her know that i've always thought of her, and i have never turned my back against her. i still have a hard time coping with the fact that she is no longer around, and i regret every single day that i didn't pay a visit, everytime syazana mentioned how Mak misses me, solely due to my respect for some parties involved. you will always be in our hearts Mak.

Al-fatihah Jamil Abu Hassan, and my one and only, Saleha Hashim.
Moga roh dicucuri rahmat.
i will always love u Mak... :'(