Saturday, October 25, 2014

:: In the pursue of the Middle East ::

Alhamdulillah syukur, a supplier turned friend of 4 years have decided to give it a shot. To give ME, a shot, at impressing him with the business. Of course having someone with a Master's background in marketing, Ahmad is no fool and would never take nonsense at any day. 

A lil introduction on Ahmad. He is from Yemen and has been in Malaysia, living and making a living for 13 years to date. It is significant here that i mention, that he is one of the co-founder/partner of the famous Nasi Arab joint named Saba' Restaurant, whose huge chain is located in Cyberjaya. But just few years back he decided to start his own chain, named Ahmad Albab located in Seri Kembangan, near to Jusco and the pasar borong. Not only that, he was our humble caterer during our solemnization in Kota Damansara in 2011! I must say that of all the Nasi Arab i've tasted, hus is by far THE BEST!

So moving on, Ahmad saw the opportunity in Saudi. But he's giving it a trial run first; he will be consuming the Double Stemcell for two consecutive weeks to test whether or not it improves his health. The fact that he knows well about tge mentality and the market of Saudi, Ahmad has decided that IF everything goes well, he will opt for stockist mode, hence becoming Phyto's first Saudi distributor! He believes that good health and beauty product will go a looooonngg way in Saudi. And so, he has his own marketing plan within our marketing plan. GENIUS! Now it has been a week. Let's hope for some major good news the week after next, bismillah!

Thank you Ahmad for your time, and trust, and friendship. May this be a start of more business partnership to come!

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Irregular Income. So let's go!

So what is it that makes an income "irregular"?. How i see it is that it literally means an earning that's not periodic, nor constant, nor fixed, nor scheduled.

So how does this business help? Let's see the images below:

So that's what happens here. Bonuses are paid realtime, as soon as you as an introducer registers your new partner in! So no, it isn't your usual 9-5 job rate, it is per effort, per day, per time rate. Sounds difficult? What if i say that this entry of mine already captured the attention of at least 10 of you? Now to me that's enough to create a word-of-mouth and awareness about this super awesome business. You literally earn a 4-figure income with just ONE new partner, and watch this:

5-FIGURE INCOME WITH JUST FOUR NEW PARTNERS! Too good to be true? Let us enlighten you first, and you be the boss. No loss to anyone here, because remember,


Have a greaaaat day everyone! Remember, anyone is welcome in this business as it is globally possible!

Saturday, October 04, 2014

:: Let's Go October! ::

So my first prospect partner cum colleague gave it a new breather this month. LC and I finally met up after donkey years, last was probably 3 years ago. The fact that she was my FIRST friend in the current ejob I'm in flatters me because the majority of those within our circle are just like us; skeptical of all these MLM or MVM or whatever you call it.

But really, what made me smile and knew that we were at the same path was when she said something like this:

"In the world nowadays, though both husband and wife are working in our sector, the cost of living is still crazy high. Seriously, if we were to depend on our basic 9 to 5 job's salary, we probably will never have savings. Just money to keep us going day by day, that's it."

AndI felt warm. Not many of us felt the same way about not having enough to survive, but most importantly not having ANY for emergencies nor leisure, what more luxury.

So why not. WHY. NOT. So LC is in the midst of persuading her husband to be in this team too, and hoping that she too could make this a good source of side-income. But of course, just like with anyone who came to listen to my business proposal, I advised everyone to really sit back, relax, and think with a clear mind, because this is NOT one of those "get rich quick" scheme. It is, literally an investment that requires time, skill, effort and lil hardwork, in order for you to get lucky.

Nothing is impossible. It's all in you; whether or not you're willing to pump in some effort for the sake of a better living.

SO WHY NOT. Give me (Liyana a.k.a. E'en) a buzz at +60193383773 and give me the benefit of the doubt. There's no harm in giving me room to share. Be all sceptical as you please, I too am one. Remember, there's no boundaries in a good business, therefore there isn't with Phytoscience either.

Pick your package:

1) Silver    : RM270
2) Gold     : RM1,620
3) Mobile  : RM5,400

And like every business, the more you invest, the more returns awaits!

Happy Eidul Adha to my fellow Muslims. And have a good 3-days long weekend Malaysians!

Thursday, October 02, 2014

:: The start of 3Tango88 ::

So here goes, my humble September efforts and returns! Oh, and a brief promo of the line of products that company produces (in which DOES NOT require us to sell, yeay!)

Circled is the income I made in USD *wink

The transaction wired to my personal bank account Alhamdulillah!

Certificate of authenticity and halal approval

The few products that the company offers, which I personally use too! Great for your health, inside out, no joke :) I'll give it til the end of this month to give you real testimonies from family members with health conditions that are currently consuming :)

The new money-making journey: The extra effort. The extra comfort.

and so i've started blogging with my bestie @ tomboyjambu. has been great, and i guess i do need to turn everything around and give it a fresh punch.

So i think from this entry forth, i'd be using my beloved, precious personal blog into my medium of pocket money-making. I've embarked in this new investment-like Multilevel Marketing (in which somehow has been rebranded as a Multi Volume Marketing) as it no longer carries the old MLM spirit: the upline gets richer while the downline makes all the hardwork. NO.

I find this line of business rather intriguing. It spells "fairness" everywhere within its scheme and it gives back humble returns. Of course with effort. A lot of it. It isn't like any of those "quick rich scheme" nor is it the "sit back and relax while money comes in daily" kinda thing.

No, i'm the most skeptical person when it comes to these types of businesses for I, have embarked in MLM many many years ago myself, and have been disappointed with the returns. The business plan within this is nothing but clever and it encourages team spirit all throughout.

So the company i've joined on September 12th, 2014 is called Phytoscience. Product based marketing, but no sales required. I see this as pure investment slash networking. I find this worth it because i've actually tested the waters on the FIRST day itself. I came in threes; a triangle. Myself, my husband and my sister as investors. To really test to know if it were real, this is the only was possible. So there it is, i actually had ROI of 101% from initial, ONE-TIME investment. What's even more enlightening was that every transaction happened realtime, like literally. They registered me online, and then my account was automatically created, then I was given full authority to register my partners, i.e. my husband and sister, and voila! realtime returns. And then I acquired another investor; my own husband's friend, and there you go, i received my first 4-figure income. JUST.LIKE.THAT.

You think you got what it takes to be in it with me? You think you're ready to make that small yet significant move onto becoming my partner in this? Buzz me right up, no matter where you are across the globe. Seriously because this business is global, and i got paid in USD *wink! The company is as legit as your local financial institutions. If you are, interested, give me a buzz here, i'll be delighted to share :) I'll upload some photos as prove of the transactions of my September income. Or you can visit the company's website at

Stay tuned, and come and join my team 3Tango88!