Saturday, October 04, 2014

:: Let's Go October! ::

So my first prospect partner cum colleague gave it a new breather this month. LC and I finally met up after donkey years, last was probably 3 years ago. The fact that she was my FIRST friend in the current ejob I'm in flatters me because the majority of those within our circle are just like us; skeptical of all these MLM or MVM or whatever you call it.

But really, what made me smile and knew that we were at the same path was when she said something like this:

"In the world nowadays, though both husband and wife are working in our sector, the cost of living is still crazy high. Seriously, if we were to depend on our basic 9 to 5 job's salary, we probably will never have savings. Just money to keep us going day by day, that's it."

AndI felt warm. Not many of us felt the same way about not having enough to survive, but most importantly not having ANY for emergencies nor leisure, what more luxury.

So why not. WHY. NOT. So LC is in the midst of persuading her husband to be in this team too, and hoping that she too could make this a good source of side-income. But of course, just like with anyone who came to listen to my business proposal, I advised everyone to really sit back, relax, and think with a clear mind, because this is NOT one of those "get rich quick" scheme. It is, literally an investment that requires time, skill, effort and lil hardwork, in order for you to get lucky.

Nothing is impossible. It's all in you; whether or not you're willing to pump in some effort for the sake of a better living.

SO WHY NOT. Give me (Liyana a.k.a. E'en) a buzz at +60193383773 and give me the benefit of the doubt. There's no harm in giving me room to share. Be all sceptical as you please, I too am one. Remember, there's no boundaries in a good business, therefore there isn't with Phytoscience either.

Pick your package:

1) Silver    : RM270
2) Gold     : RM1,620
3) Mobile  : RM5,400

And like every business, the more you invest, the more returns awaits!

Happy Eidul Adha to my fellow Muslims. And have a good 3-days long weekend Malaysians!

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