Monday, September 22, 2008

:: I Like Joe Morrison, haha ::

All not lost against Chelsea

By Joe Morrison

Say what you want about Manchester United's current form, they know as well as we do that as long as they are in touching distance come February, they stand the best chance to win the title.

So when they travel to Stamford Bridge this weekend for that gigantic game against Chelsea, things aren't looking too good with central defender Nemanja Vidic suspended after his red card against Liverpool.

So while I can’t see United winning this weekend, neither can I see Chelsea inflict the second consecutive league defeat for Sir Alex Ferguson’s boys. United are too tough mentally and a draw seems the most likely result at the moment.

Don’t ever, ever question Ferguson’s desire. This guy has got so many years of experience on his back and he has seen all the permutations of winning the league. You think he is panicking right now, and do you think he will be even if he loses this weekend? Not at all. The man has seen it all.

I remember not so long ago, Ferguson’s teams always got off to terrible starts but once its autumn, they’ll win every single game in sight.

It’s not about how many points they are behind but to realistically, take a look at the other teams and predict how many points they’ll drop. Will Chelsea drop too many points this season, I think not many.

Then again, to put things further into perspective, Chelsea haven’t lost at home for almost five years and more than 100 domestic games have gone at Stamford Bridge and still, nobody can beat the Blues at that ground.

Chelsea have looked pretty good since the start of the season but the real big talking point was over John Terry’s red card picked up against Manchester City last weekend.

Ferguson was annoyed when they overturned the red card decision and why shouldn’t he? But, I actually think that’s a blessing in disguise.

The way Terry is playing right now, he is more a liability than an asset. If United can get Nani and Rooney running at the Chelsea defence, Terry will give away a free-kick in a good position for United.

Don’t tell me United deserved to lose against Liverpool. Nobody beats a lucky manager and nothing I’ve seen of Liverpool this season suggests to me they are a team that is, or capable of, playing flowing football.

Liverpool were lucky in their games against Middlesbrough and Sunderland, then against Manchester United and Marseille.

And by the way, John Burridge shaves his armpits and waxes his legs. He is not the most hygienic guy around and I suspect he secretly wants to be a cyclist in the Tour de France. I hate to think what he’ll look like in lycra shorts.

Well indeed, results for Man U and Chelsea came to a draw of 1 all....sooooo?
Man U lost to Liverpool....soooooo? (after 4 years kot?)
Man U and Villa, draw....soooooo?

One source also stated that Torres isn't cooperating well with Keane...seems that there's no mutual understanding and chemistry? Ape yg sedang terjadi? ~pause~

And commentators are already talking about Berbatov performing as well as, and living up Cantona's glory days.
*chin up high*

Like Morrison said, wait til autumn comes. nyeh!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

:: Quote of the Day Part I ::

Growing Older is Mandatory. Growing Up is Optional.

We make a Living by what we Get, but we make a Life by what we Give.

So let's give back to society, just like what Oprah's practicing. It's gooooooooooood!
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:: Lompat si katak lompat! ::

my dear friends,

PLEASE update your blogs. I've been so bored at the office staring at the same alerts and waiting for reply(s) from the supposedly-responsible personnel, which is so far, neverending.

Therefore, i've been blog hopping ~ toink! toink! ~ like nobody's business, reading everyone's great and pathetic lives, of which does not appear to be of a concern to me anymore since i've got my own that i'm superbly thankful for. Yet i still want to read for the purpose of vocabulary enhancements and KILLING TIME ~ mainly.

One thing I find funny about bloggers is that, they make their blogs public, yet criticize people (whom they don't like, most of the time) who read their blogs. I mean, c'mon, what are u? I don't wanna say much, coz it's Ramadhan for sure, but yeah, think about it. Why do you people have to have such negativity towards others? Have you not learnt that such attitude only pushes you away from all the good things in life? Grow up, smile, and stop thinking that every "bad" incidents/persons were "designed" to be attached to you. Stop being so full of yourselves aye?

C'mon people let's sing Barry Manilow's...
Oh i caannn't smiilleee withooouuttt youuuuu!
Now, don't u feel good already?...hehhehehhe
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Friday, September 12, 2008

:: Recap ::

....sweep sweep....

yes i know, my blog's getting all dusty and boring, so, here's a quick recap of my boring life for the past month.

1. Goodbye Kak Ija and Family

yeah, my sister and family (of course, that includes my sayang nephew Danish) flew off to Prague, for a little over 2 years, as my brother-in-law is being posted there to "watch over the students". Bob and I got Danish the mini-swimming pool! hahahahha the lil guy loves pools! And so,

Goodbye my love... *heartache*

2. Bob's early birthday celebration

Of course this will be my favourite entry. I brought my significant other to Ole Ole Bali in Sunway Pyramid for dinner. He got all excited that he kept asking me the same sets of questions about the place; from his crib, to the restaurant itself. Cozy i must say, and the portion was bloody huge! *faint* Price = portion, therefore, SO WORTH IT.

The place.

First glimpse of the starter.

Acting all cool as per request. :P

And there he goes!

And what's a birthday without ice cream or cake ey? Too bad i didn't take a picture. I bought him a pint of Haagen Dazs' Belgium Chocolate! subhanallah, he ate 3/4 in one go! and i kept the rest hostage and made my own "let's-go-fat" programme...heheheh

aaaa i almost forgot...20th July was the day that I first went cycling at Bukit Cerakah, with Aud, Raudha and Chi Kin. Majority of the bikes for rent sucked, but ours were good :) And so, only 10 mins on the trail, Chi Kin cleverly dared Raudha and Aud to climb up this super steep, rocky hill. Yes, we stopped like 3 times??? 'Twas really bad. heh. But weeks later Aud and I went again and we did quite well! I'm a proud woman!

When was the last time u saw this "burger shack"? hahaha

Aud and Raudha, attempting to regain stamina by smoking their lungs out.

And Chi Kin, disappointed because Graeme ditched him. hahah kidding!


My back just cracked. I need to rest sleep.
Nite u guys!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

:: Contented ::

Happy 2nd Anniversary Sayangku.
Looking forward to having more years ahead :)
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Monday, September 08, 2008

:: Spin, spin ::

Just when I thought that love would lessen with given time.
I was wrong.
I fell in love all over again :)

Thank you sayang.
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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

:: Buka Puasa ::

ok, help.
i don't know what to cook for buka today.

i'm thinking chicken and potatoes. hmmmm....

roast chicken?
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

:: Need vs Want ::

I need a CAT.
I want a CAT.
Sesiape nak kasi or jual anak kucing kat saye? pleeaseee... :(

mom hates cats. she'll penggal my head if she sees one.
aaa wait...kite tunggu mami pindah..then the house is all mine!
and i can have a cat!!! yaaaahoooooooooooooo!
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