Friday, February 29, 2008

:: Serabut ::

Today had to be the day of my PMS...
I was soooo determined on drafting my 2nd assignment when suddenly AFTER lunch that I felt like having my lower abdomen cut open. sakit sangat sangat.
And so, i HAD to buzz emmy on the all-reliable, one and only chat room provided by the almighty Google, asking her to accompany me to the super-expensive kiosk upstairs to get chocolates. Yes, chocolates help with your PMS ladies, do try it.

After 2 hours of munching on Cadbury and gulping quite-hot (this is like hotter than suam ok! lecur lidah tak pasal2!) plain water, i managed to put half of the pain away :)...and I started blogging... haha, so much for doing my assignment aye?

Attached below is a snapshot of my "workstation". Looks kinda neat aye? Wait til Monday comes... haaaa then it'll look intolerable, i swear.

P/S: Check out the row of files. They're mine, and they keep me safe from Brandon stalking me all day...hahahahhah kidddiinnggg!
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:: PeNaNg UpDaTe! ::

here are one-spot clips of where we were...and of course, featuring my all-handsome hubby Mohd. Khairul Nizam...nyeeeeehehehhe

oh gayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!
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:: Congrats Rozarina & Faizal! ::

Ladies and gents, i present to u.....

The no-more-single Riena! hehehehheheheh

'Twas just last Sunday that I took this picture....Akhirnya, selamat juga berkahwin kawan2 ku...
Tons and tons of congrats to Riena and Tiong, also to Riena's lil sister Erin and her longterm boyfriend Pali for their engagement last Saturday...I'm very happy for u guys!
Riena, i L.O.V.E. your backdrop ok! sangat cute the butterflies laaaaa..geram! ikutkan hati, mmg nak cabuuuuut je satu n bawak balik umah! hehehe....Anyway, thanks so much for inviting both me and Bob...

Semoga berkekalan kebahgiaan hingga ke cucu cicit (orang asyik kate sampai ke anak cucu, macam takleh last sampai cicit plak kan... :P)

Have fun my dear newly weds!

Note: sorry, takde gamba hang ngan pon amik ngan my phone! heheheheh
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

:: Agenda Terkini ::

Kerja ni memenatkan, kan? :) oh well...
I got my first paycheck today, and as expected, super low wage! ye la, sape suruh masuk keje 2nd week kaaann...nyeeeeeeeeeeehhh....
my first lecture also started today, and it was fun :)

So, papa and aunty, no belanja makan for u guys this month! hehe
4/5 of my salary buta2 habis on food, toll, fuel, parking and car servicing! uwaaaaaaaaaa!!!
takpe2, raincheck bulan depan okaaayy?? hehehe
ye la,bulan depan not only korang dpt makan best2 free, yg memberi "allowance" pon dah terbalik ok! hehehehehhe....

anyway, i'm enjoying my job...already drafting and researching for my first 2 assignments for my Master's, due next ME LUCK!
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Monday, February 25, 2008

:: Penat. ::

My final semester for my Master's course starts today.
And so did the hand-in of course modules. So. imagine the chaos of the 1st week of class for returning students + lecturers running back n forth the management office to amend course outlines + students asking for course advises + lecturers printing module outlines etc etc.

Penat.Serabut.Kelam-kabut.Saye tak suka.
Nak balik jumpa sayang saye, pastu gi jogging ngan Aud. Lagi bagus.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

:: a VeRy b|mBo-|sh eNtRy ::

i've just cut my hair today! yeehaawww!!!
nasib baek ikut my instincts...
alih2 sampai office, my colleagues ckp "oi, tan sri nak jumpa staff baru pkol 4! nasib baek kau buat rambut! mcm dah tau2 je kan!" ahahahaha

yes, the very the bimbo kan?! oh well, i'm just killing time, waiting for lunch.

Menu for today : last night's garlic naan + chinese dishes. Yum!
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Monday, February 18, 2008

:: Updates From Ur New Academian ::

today marks the 1st week of my employment...
The week has been ok, with supportive colleagues, but with gatal students...ngeeehhh!!!
I barely have time for myself, haven't been jogging nor futsal-ing...just yesterday that we decided to have a 2-hour futsal game... :P
I guess from today onwards, i should go for a jog right after work..hehe...i am getting FAT... i hate it!

To riena, i'm sorry i can't make it to ur akad, i will be on duty for LUCT's convocation... but i promise to come for ur sanding k!
p/s : sorokkan and simpankan skit choc cake for me! nanti aud telan smueeeee!!!! hehehehe

Anas, i'm sorry i had to cancel Starbucks, was caught up with so many things....

I'm loving my life...My dear Bob has been so supportive, tolerating so much with my mood swings and my abnormal hunger for food :P... Me appreciate it very much :) Sayang kamu!

My friends are all busy with work...With Farah busy working and saving money for her God-knows-when wedding, Alia on her 3rd week at Maybank, Farrah forever complaining on clients at True Fitness and Emmy with her new appointed job as a tutor here, at LUCT too...Fiza and Muntz, striving hard for their ACCA, sampai susah sgt nak jumpa now..uhhuu...Alif berlagak, mentang2 dah jadi celebrity kat Media Prima hahah...Khair, kerja yg tak sudah2 kat sek16 tu and my dear Aiman, PLEASE do ur best and graduate fast! heheheh....All the best u guys! Kumpul duit nak kawin weih! hehehehhe

My CNY was just awesome...Had a 4d 3n trip to Penang, we stayed at the freaking 21st floor of an apartment in Gurney Drive (gayat nak mati, but loads of thanks to Sofie!)...Kerja kami; makan, makan, jalan, makan, tido! hehehe...oh, we did have fun..with all the jalan2 and shopping2, sangatlah memuaskan hati...PLUS, we played charades with the boys! hahahah We girls rule!!! The boys sucked at it (except for A.J. yg sangat pandai berlakon and describing things, and Sofie yg pandai berlakon jadi SHEEP) hahhaahhahahahaha....

Oh well, hope to have another trip, but not so soon i guess! :)

update : sesape nak ber-chatting ngan saye, sila lah add saye kat gtalk okaaayy? :P
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Monday, February 04, 2008

:: eMpLoYmEnT ::

as many of u are already aware of...
i'll be reporting for my first permanent job next monday, Feb 11th at LUCT Cyberjaya!

wish me luck u guys!

Friday, February 01, 2008

:: a CoMbO ::

STORY 1 - On A Reply

For the last time, my dear readers...

This is my blog...
My words.
My thoughts.
My feelings.
My ideas.
My perceptions.
My journal.

If u feel like reading, then read la, mmg i tak stop u pon...
Tapi nak maki2 i kat dlm blog, laaahai manusia, jgn la buat your childishness tu too evident.
Yang u bersusah payah nak cari url blog i, pastu bukak blog i and bace, pastu click "comment", pastu type, pastu click "submit" smue tu buat pe?...really, buat pe?
Buat penat and buang mase ade la, btol tak? Oh well, takpe la, since u LOVE wasting ur time for ME, ok la, i'm flattered. Thanks :)

STORY 2 - On Life

I am still bumming around, yes, jgn la tanye2 lagi...
CNY ni nak gi trip with 8 other friends! yaahhoooo!!! I guess it'll be the last trip as "singles" for some of us, ehem...hehehhe
Class starts this Feb 25th, argh can't wait to finish up!
Been patching up with old friends, turned out to be totally superb!
Also made some new friends, lagi la best!
More and more people for futsal and outings, oh best.
Rindu fiza, khair and aiman...smue hilang...bile laaaa nak lepak ni weeeiiiii...
Anas hazwan, mane Starbucks saye haaaaaaa??? :P
Dah marathon Heroes season 1, nak angkut season 2 from Muntz plak hehehhehe...

STORY 3 - On Health

I've been clean from nicotine for quite sometime now, and i'm darn proud of it! yeehhaaa!! (Diana, u lost! ngahahahha)....
Futsal and jogging have almost been a daily routine for me and Aud. Aud, kite jadi Hilary Swank la mcm dalam Million Dollar Baby tu..heheheh
Have not been watching my diet though, makan je la ape ade depan mata please...

I guess that's about it! heheheh...i'll update more, as soon as i get something interesting to do.. hehehehhe Nite nite sleep tight!
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