Thursday, December 21, 2006


"Just A Step From Heaven"

Tell me that we still belong
Tell me that the will is still alive
There must be another chance for us tonight
'Coz everyone who's walked upon
Trouble or lies, they come and go
We can be the lucky ones
And find love, after the storm

Don't let go
'Coz it's just a step from heaven
And the strength of love is on our side
Soon you'll find
That our faith will take us higher
'Coz we're just a step
Baby just a step from heaven

We don't need to justify our emotions
We don't need to worry 'coz if they hold on
There's a bigger destiny that was made for us
So don't let troubles bring you down
Believe in the foundation of our love
Can't you see my faith in you
Is forever and more

Baby can't you see
This love was meant to be
We can rise above this pain in our hearts