Wednesday, May 27, 2009

:: Reason #1 : Why I hate to work ::

my family's off to Prague tonight, to see my sister, her hubby, and most importantly my darling little nephew Danish. Then they're off to the UK. and my dad just told me that they'll be visiting OLD TRAFFORD.


BENCI aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ni smue keje nye pasal!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

:: Double Whoopedy Doo! ::

No. 1.

My mom published her book. At just RM23, (without postage fee of course!), this book of more than 200 pages is yours! aiceehhh marketing sangat lame. yeah, anyone interested, just sms me or msg me here kaayy.... :) COD can be arranged, no problemo, pada yang dekat2, or "coincidentally" berada dekat2 ngan saye ye! hehehehe....thanks u guys!

No. 2.

Last Friday was my ever-so-sweating day. I was literally "brisk-walking" in and around One Utama, dragging dear Fiqa, in my attempt to grab the MU Asia Tour tickets. We got there at the Nike shop by 11am, and dear oh dear, the line was already up to 3/4 of the shop!!! The best part was, the promoter mentioned that CREDIT CARD USAGE is a NO GO. NO GO???? wtf? ok fine, maybe they were trying to make ticket sales fair across the nation. whatever. I got furiosed. With just RM200 in my wallet, u really think i could grab even ONE ticket? HELL NO. so. Plan B.

Handphone out, phonebook on, scroll-down..... PAPA.
I was just plain lucky that my father is an fan of MU too. oh and in relations to that, get this; My family's off to Prague and the UK this coming 27th, and my dad decided to visit OLD TRAFFORD. oh heartache! pity me, i had to work!!! blooddyyy heellllll!!!!! oh well, back to the story. yeah, so i kinda ASKED for ticket sponsor. heheheh....Since i couldn't come along, and it's my birthday just next week, Papa decided to give it a GO. He wired some cash for me to buy the oh-so-lovely-paper-ticket! yaahoooo!!!! and so, i quickly get my job done with fiqa at the banks, then split up; fiqa to the office, and me, back to the Nike shop. oh wait, before that, i withdrew a whole lot of $$$$! Panting and dropping sweats within my thin blouse, i quickly got myself to the shop, with utmost surprise that the line has now reduced to just 1/4 of the shop.

Suddenly by then my mind boggled. Why are there so few people? Is it because of the NO-NO usage of credit card? OR HAD THE TICKETS BEEN SOLD OUT? oooooo my heart was thumping so badly, it showed through my pale lips and frantic-like gestures. I keep hearing the supervisor mentioning "RM98 tickets are sold out for today, but bookings can be done la, just that u have to come collect the tickets next Monday. But make sure u pay la today!" OKAY, good sign, because that's not what i want. then i saw the list. holy crap. someone actually purchased NINE RM308 tickets. GILLEEE!!!! u brought THAT much of cash? geez. So, MY TURN. The supervisor put up a super grumpy look, and had his mouth half-open, ready to say the exact same words, when i suddenly say,

"RM308 tickets please? For 2?"

And his expressions turned sweet.
"Adaaaa adaaa....Of course we have, how many miss? Two? Ey you two, get the training passes and langyards ready for this miss. Two ah!"

And I....Oh I put up a BIG BIG SMILE and slowly handed over my money...

"Thank you very much sir", i said.

"You're very welcome miss", said the supervisor.

Indeed, Malaysians are quite pathetic. Whenever someone gets something RATHER expensive, they mutan-ated into something RATHER nice. Pathetic. whatever.

I was sooo happy that i smiled to every passer-by. Oh what a jolly good day!

Handphone out, text: Bob Sayang.

"I got the tickets sayaannggg! Weehoooo!!! Siap dapat training sessions lagi siot. AND AND, seating kite berNOMBOR okaayy..takde makne nak berebut seat! yesss laaaahhhh!!!"

and the rest is history. :)


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Monday, May 18, 2009

:: Doctor, anyone? ::


Harap Tuhan buka rezeki saya untuk plans ini. Telahku bercadang dengan encik-cita-cita-tinggi-dan-ade-determinations-tinggi-mcm-saye, yakni zack a.k.a. teman lelaki rusky a.k.a. faiza, untuk sit down and gather up all the options for SLAB/SLAI. Indeed, we are PLANNING to undergo that Skim Latihan Akademik Bumiputera/IPTA, since we both kurang ada duit untuk melanjutkan pelajaran dalam bidang "Permanent head Damage" ini. ye, cita2 kami berdua adalah untuk bergelar Doctor, sejurus kemudian Associate Professor, kemudian Professor, dan paling gempak of course, nak jadi Professor Emeritus (which is close to impossible, unless we have our own goddamn university!). Insya allah, jika ade rezeki kami di dalam bidang ini, kami akan pursue dengan sungguh2...

Saya sendiri tak percaya saye sedang berbicara tentang becoming a Prof, or even to have a freakin Master's at such a young age to begin with! Can u imagine, if I were to succeed within time frame (3 years in exact, insyaallah), i'll be bringing the title Dr. everywhere I go, at the age of 28 or 29!!! gileeeee weeiiiiiihh!!! and if all goes well, Prof. Dr. by the age of 40/45? DOUBLE GILE WEEEIII!!!!!

Ok kaum lelaki, sila jangan takut untuk mengambil isteri yg cita2 tinggi mcm saye. Kami baek hatiiii..betoolll....hehehhee...see see, Bob stayed! hahahhaahahaa!

To Encik Zaakir (saye tau die tak bace ni, so Faiza, tolong sampaikan pesanan ya! hehe),

Mari la kita same2 push each other untuk berusaha mencapai cita2 kita ya! Remember, we NEVER did want to go up to Master's but look at us now, look at WHERE we are. It's such an honour to have step up high on this pedestal, don't u think? :) Ape kate, just one more step, before we actually have the chance to publish our own academic, tertiary books, with OUR respective names, printed on it? Dude, it's just bloody wicked!!!

Bismillahirrahmaanirrahim. Ya Allah, Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa Lagi Maha Mengetahui, berikanlah yang terbaik untuk hamba-hamba mu ini. Amin. :)
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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

:: A Round of Congratulatory Wishes ::

setelah sekian lama saye mendiam, saya akan menghampakan para pembaca saye kali ini. bukan sahaja entry ini mungkin kurang menarik. akan tetapi, saye tahu bahawa ade segelintir pembaca yang akan excited dengan post ini, kerana ia melibatkan kawan rapat kita.

The other toast goes to my dear friend, whom I knew back when he was in the UK (what's with me and UK friends???), Anas Hazwan. 3rd May 2009 was his day of joy and the beginning of his great storybook on life. Anas Hazwan got engaged to Nina (whom i have yet to get to know hehe) and to date, Anas and I have been friends for 6 years now...which seemed like it was just yesterday that he picked me up from home, with him wearing his Man Utd jersey. hahahaha... dude, what happened to the jersey la wei...Tarikh perkahwinan Anas masih lagi tidak saye ketahui, maka haruslah kita ber-Starbucks sebelom kamu berkahwin ye Anas :) ehem, kenal2kan la saye ngan ur new fiance wei :)

I would like to also congratulate Amira Alim who got engaged to Hafeez Nazri quite recently too... Subhanallah ramai nye kawan saye yang dah bertunang ye! :) Fyi, I am just a DAY older than Amira, hehehe....which makes it relatively easy to have that constant alert when it comes to the month of May. Amira, i wish for a lifetime happiness and thank you, for keeping me in the loop, especially when it comes to celebrating the significant days of your life. :)

Oh MAY. 25 days and i turn 25. eeehh what a coincidence! hehehe..I wish ME a good life ahead. Bismillah...
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