Sunday, October 26, 2008

:: Pathetic Off-Days ::

Read the title over and over again. I am frustrated.

Since i've started working at the new place, my weekends have been dedicated to "homeworks".
Yes, again, for the second consecutive weekend, I am here at home, complaining and whining about having to finish my goddamn translation shytes.

Aku nye jobscope "translator" ke?..if u must know, it is ONE of the responsibilities man. But, weekends being spent with this? god help me. mampos aku nak claim overtime.
If my boss don't rate my KPI with at least 4, i'm gonna go berserk. Ye la, eventhoug gaji yg dibayar tak setimpal ngan my qualifications, tapi benefits yg lain berlambak. When i say tons of benefits, i will state this, Who on earth would wanna miss 6-8 months worth of bonus and salary revision YEARLY?! Kau dah gile?! mesti la aku nak seyh!

Ok, stop complaining Liyana. Get on with it. Bonuses are waiting.
Shut up. I'm trying to motivate myself here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

:: Book Club ::

I think I want to start sharing ideas/feedback on books that I've read, or currently reading.
Maybe u guys could drop in a comment or two, and share your picks on books aye? :)

Latest Book to be read: WHO SPEAKS FOR ISLAM?

I saw this book few months ago with hubby, as we walked pass by MPH in Alamanda, Putrajaya. I don't know why, but to me, books that talk about the many dimensions of Islam, and how people of different background sees/interprets Islam, fascinates me. I believe this is MY way of learning more about my religion, taking into account of the ever-changing, modernized world we're living in. I've read bits of it, and I am glad someone actually took the initiative to write something as great as this. As I was telling hubby, this is what I call a humble, honest and the right Islamic way of Jihad. :)

Only 2 copies of this book left in MPH Alamanda, priced at RM90 each, with hardcover. Fyi, they had stacks of these books back when I first saw them. I guess it is a good book after all :P
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Friday, October 17, 2008

:: Purple in my Rainbow ::

Now, who would have thought that I would end up in the world of media and entertainment?
gile. It was obviously a super huge jump(s) for me. From and academician, to an IT Security trainee, to now a Corporate Communications executive. The knowledge and experience - priceless.

My syukur to Allah for giving me all these great opportunities to learn, and be good at what I do. Now, all I want is to be nothing more than GREAT at what I do :)

Corporate Comm is a very fun...and tiring job.

1st day - became the balachi, did media clippings, and made new friends.
2nd day - went for induction, was ok. made more new friends, and bumped into old friends.
3rd day slash today - aha, here comes the huge chunk of work. Translations, and hence press release (PRESS RELEASE?????), and photo selections for this year's annual report.great.

3. 3/4 day - HOMEWORK. more translations for press release. EVEN GREATER.

And here I am, wanting to post up entries on Hari Raye but have yet to do so due to time constraints. grrrr. here i am also, making a phone call to aref, asking for help on press release write-ups, complaining to shik about THE homework, and asking aen for the bloody url for internet webmail access. both via sms. why am i going into details? don't know. probably it's the concurrent and life-long after effects of corporate comm.

People, please refrain from asking me out next Wednesday and Thursday as such actions WILL make me go berserk. Yes, I will have to stay back at the office til midnight on Wed, be in the office by 8am the next day, and spend 12 to 13 more hours for the upcoming event. *faint*

Wish me luck people. I really, really need it.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

:: Sangsi ::

My ego-ozone has just been depleted with 2 slashes of conservative-minded rays...and i'm all scarred.

The place(s) I called home has now turned to yet another strange new place.

The only person who I thought I knew was me. Thought, is the key word.

I'm all nervous about my 1st day at the new place tomorrow..but here I am, having jumbled up emotions which may just lead me to the ultimate blackhole.

I need to find my sacred place and 5-star retreat again, for this one is diminishing.

If ur thinking what ur thinking, then ur probably thinking wrong. We're fine.

Now I'm even more determined to leave the country. Hello Australia, I'll see u in a couple of years..and this time, most likely for good.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

:: 207th Entry ::

Yeap, this is, my 207th post since i started blogging back in 2005.
Some of u may just be so bored and tracked me back through time, learning who i am and what my past has done to me.
Never was it a total disaster nor was it a total pleasure to be reading my past. Faiza's bold move on deleting her past entries made me realize about how I've not really erased that part of me.

I wanted to keep the entries.
I wanted them to stay with me.
I wanted to remember.

Solely because, I didn't want to end up in the same world again.
I didn't want to not remember how hurtful, or joyful my love endeavour was; not just with past partners, but also with friends and family.

I am keen on everything that I do nowadays, and I am thankful for that attitude.

I am keen on getting a good job that pays well.
I am keen on creating sources of income.
I am keen on channelling my resources appropriately.
I am keen on learning many things and be great at it.
I am keen on being the best in what i do best.
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Thursday, October 09, 2008

:: Selamat Tinggal ::

In less than 24 hours, I'll be bidding BMW Asia Technology Centre farewell, as I have made up my mind to pursue the job of my choice; the job that i've been wanting to get my hands on since I graduated from MMU, back in 2006.

Yes, Corporate Communications was what I wanted. I applied to so many places, including the local airline oh-so-established company. :P

So, Hello Hello new company! It's an integrated media company, located in Bandar Utama.
Yeah, U should well guessed it by now, ding ding! :)

A million thanks to Hawa for "forwarding" my applications. How great was this, applied on Sunday, being called for an interview the next morning, filled up the personal particulars form, a set of long-arse questionnaire, 40 minutes interview with THE GM :P, and a one-page speech for an imaginative CEO within 10 minutes.

Total interview duration: approximately 2 hours. gile, tapi sangat berbaloi! yahooo!!!
Syukur alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

:: Tada! ::

A very bimbo-ish entry of course. It's my new hair! hehehhehe
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Friday, October 03, 2008

:: Mayday! Mayday! ::


I'm having my hair done tomorrow. but i still have yet to have a clue on the style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thinking of going soft curls and white streaks. aaa gile tak?

IDEAS? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

:: Syawal Blessings ::

thank you god for the courage on facing reality, confessions and confrontations. i have found the ultimate solace and peace.

I am so contented with what had happened. This is by far, the most memorable Hari Raya i've ever had in my life. Thank you everyone. Syukur alhamdulillah.... Segala puji bagi Allah, mmg ternyata kuasa tuhan yang maha Esa lagi maha mengetahui.

I got my dream job, alhamdulillah...I'll be reporting as an Executive within the Corporate Communications division, in one of the nation's top integrated media company :)

Thank you Abg Ebi for the 'heads up' on what to expect of the career path of my choice.
Thank you Papa for endlessly supporting my decisions to leave my current employer.
Thank you Mommy for taking all the effort to help me get a condo near my workplace.
Thank you my sisters for comforting me.
Thank you my sayang for walking with me through my decision-making process.
Thank you my friends for constantly making me feel good about myself.
Last but not least, thank you my soon-to-be employer for taking me in only 2 hours after the long-arse, worth-going-for 2 hours interview :)

To my uncle who's in Minneapolis.
Uncle Shaf, i know you'll be reading this. Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir batin...Eventhough we've never met throughout my life, but your pictures and e-mails have kept ur presence dearly in my heart. And I've always had my hopes high on meeting you one fine day. Everytime I read your mails I cried, because distance have kept us far apart. And I know that if u were to be here with us, you would definitely become my favourite, for I've been superbly comfortable upon discussing everything with u, be it personal or work.

I want you to be here on my wedding day.
I want you to be here for my first born child.
I want you to be here for my child's first birthday.
I want you to be here to celebrate my ever-long successful career.
I want you to be here to see the progress of my own, built-from-scratch home.
I want you to be here for the Kenduri Kesyukuran of my new house.
Basically, I want you to be here for every occassion that will take place in my life.

Please come home soon Uncle Shaf. :(