Sunday, November 30, 2008

:: Of Mumbai and 9/11 ::

And they had the guts to claim themselves MUSLIMS, when they had no idea of the basics and teachings of Islam?

You no-brainers are the reasons why the world is against Islam. Morons.
I hope u rot in hell.

And u fellas out there who has no idea about Islam have the chicks to say Islam is "not setting a good example". F off. U shitheads have no idea what the Quran contains. So go fucking study it before u say anything nasty about Islam and generalizing the religion for ur own fucking comfort.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

:: Sahabat Sejati ::

Sharifah Khairiyah, Nur Hafizah and Aimi Shazana...

Thank you for today, years ago, and years ahead,
I was so close to being socially dead,
For all its worth, I would love to say,
Forever I wish for you to stay... :)

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