Sunday, May 18, 2008

:: Routine ::

Weekly routine has been boring.

What i do daily :
Wake up, shower, bfast, TV + assignments, lunch, TV+ assignments, shower, dinner with bob, sleep.

What i do on Mondays :
Wake up, shower, bfast, read up weekly lessons + list out doubts + questions for Master's class, Online class, lunch, read up lessons + list questions for 2nd class, online class, jog, shower, TV + assignment briefs, dinner with bob, sleep.

What i do on Thursdays :
Wake up, shower, bfast, TV + prepare teaching materials, go to office, prepare materials and attendance, teach, go to home (sometimes to bob's house to tutor his siblings then go home), shower, dinner with bob, sleep.

What i do on Fridays :
Wake up, shower, off to work, prepare materials, lecture, lunch with colleagues, update attendance and mark students' assignments, lecture, go home, shower, TV, dinner with bob, sleep.

What i do sometimes on Saturdays :
Meet up with KJ friends in Subang, either for lunch at bob's mom's place, dinner at asia cafe, or simply yumcha at any random mamak restaurant here in Subang.

What i do on Sundays :
Wake up, shower, bfast, blog, research + TV + assignments, jog, shower, TV + assignments, dinner with bob, sleep.

See, my life is boring. All i do is study, study, study. and yet people are questioning my routines and behaviour. Kesian.
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

:: Balasan ::

And so my entries became a WORLDWIDE issue.
Let this be a lesson to YOU, not to post up SENSITIVE issues publicly on your blog, and plus not to always merendahkan org lain, mengutuk org lain dan kurang hormat pada org lain.

Mmg papa kate saye biadab ngan my posts, habis your behaviours smue tu tak biadab towards others? Before cursing me and judging me, look amongst yourselves first. Your status quo and wealth will not bring you any good anyway.

Therefore i conclude here that i shall only seek for a lifetime apology from my REAL parents, i.e. my Papa and Mami for my misbehaviour. I shall not give in to others that do not bring any significance to me, and I've made that CLEAR to MY PAPA.
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Monday, May 12, 2008

:: Memang Glory! ::

Who on EARTH would have thought Bolton could score on the 90th minute, making the score 1 all with Chelsea? woooaaahhh.....daripada nak tido, terus celik melompat aku atas sofa! hahahahha

Oh well, adat permainan, ade yg kalah, ade yg menang....

Yang semestinya, Man Utd MENANG! weehooo!!! seronotnyeee tgk mereka melompat2 smalam n menjulang trophy. Told ya BPL is ours! nyahahahahha

Who will be the King in Moscow kelak?

Votes? Predictions on standings?

  1. Manchester United
  2. Chelsea
  3. Arsenal
  4. Liverpool

Apa2 pon, English teams mmg gempak...Mane spanish maneeeee??? hahahahhaa
No offense, even with Henry and Ronaldinho, Barca is yet to "shine"...i wonder whyyy??....hmph!

22nd May 2008.
Will the crowd shout out Glory Glory Man Utd AGAIN, or will the Blues have their share of glory this time? aha!
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

:: Hari Ibu ::

Unfortunately, none of us siblings had extra cash for mom...
So, I proposed to my sisters on preparing mom a good ol' breakfast.
Menu for Mother's Day will be ::
  1. Buckwheat pancake with maple syrup
  2. Buckwheat pancake stuffed with sauted mushrooms, leaf salad, tomato, cheese, herbs and fresh cream
  3. Tea and juice

Aaaaa....hope it'll turn out alright! weeeeeee!!!!
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:: Terima Kasih Bijaksana ::

i love my friends...
and i will forever love my family...

They constantly make me realize how lucky i am.
and with all the agendas going around, they make me realize how lucky i am to have someone as supportive, understanding and loving as Bob...

I will never, NEVER trade my Bob for anyone...

with my Master's course coming to a finish (plus good grades! :) ), i am now at the peak of contentment. No word could help utter my happiness...
So THANK YOU, everyone, for everything...
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Thursday, May 08, 2008

:: Birthdays! ::

ooooo bulan May mmg mengeringkan wallet saye.
Happy Birthday to the followings:

Azree Zharif Ozair & Elly Azlin Abdullah
May 8th

Mohd. Ezzany Yusof
May 12th

Sharifah Khairiyah
May 18th

May 23rd

Aiman Sya'aban
May 28th

Quraisyah and Me!!!
May 30th

May 31st

wish cukup lah eh? takde duit laa....hehehheheehe
again, have a glorious birthday u guys!!!

Lotsa luv,

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

:: Self-esteem rosak tepi jalan ::

Lately i feel less important to everyone.
Entah mengapa, i have no answer to that; not even the slightest thought why.

It's kinda funny how u feel so important to someone (or probably a few bunch of people), and at a blink of an eye, u feel superbly like everyone around....*sigh....

I've predicted a lot of things wrongly these past few weeks, and I haven't got any clue as to what actually went wrong. It's like i'm living in complete oblivion. Sounds stupid? yeah maybe to u. I am stressed out feeling this way, moreover that my bloody birthday's coming at the end of the month and I'm running super low on cash. Argh! why do i have to grow up?!!!

This is just SHIT.
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:: Fantastic 5 and 3 Stooges ::

My dearS,

Fantastic 5
:: Liyana, Alia, Farah, Emmy and Farrah ::

3 Stooges
:: Feezabell, Khair Kerplunk and I-man ::

WE NEED our Chilli's session. WE HAVE to make it a monthly habit AGAIN, just like before WE ALL started working. I don't care. I miss the good ol' times... :(