Saturday, August 29, 2009

:: Idling ::

super sorry for disappearing too long.
i have yet to get my writing groove, hence the outdated entries.

wait for it.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

:: Untitled ::

This week's awesome bestfriends:

Minyak Cap Kapak.
Ubat Batuk Cap Ibu dan Anak.

........and more Kleenex for the broken heart.
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:: Rants, part 10 ::


work so far has been ok-ok. nothing too much to be excited about.
this is my first attempt in Branding, and last week has been a bit confusing. not just with the people, but also the procedures.

things haven't been quite fair to me, and so i feel. maybe i'm not grateful enough to Allah for everything that came my way....maybe because i've not bow down to His Almighty for quite sometime....

Like recent years, i plan not to miss any of my Terawikhs. Australia has thought me that the effort on not missing my 5-times prayer a day had helped so much in excelling in mostly everything i do. and i tend to forget that once i step foot back in good ol Malaysia 2 years ago. why did this happen, i can't quite figure why. but i am mostly sure that the reasons are of those that i'm not really fond of.

in relations to other matters, i believe i'm jumping too quickly. which in the end, i myself created a whole lot of vomitting-mess which i am not really keen on cleaning....YET. maybe i'm too stressed up with my surroundings. well, i stressed myself up actually. i didn't need to, but i subconsciously wanted to. i'm going coocoo. looking at friends who constantly make achievements in their lives seem to bring my morale straight down. not to mention self-esteem: negative on any scale that has ever made in history.

someone told me i watch too much TV, and that i'm becoming more pathetic and melodramatic every passing day. of course, that's just BAD.

and now i wonder if i'll ever get back on my feet, and actually take the initiative to execute all these proposals and ideas i have in my head. great ideas and proposals, i mean.

Still struggling to breathe and keeping my head.