Saturday, September 25, 2010

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facts help us through most of the time. facts of life, of love, of science, and of relationships. but bare in mind that facts are meant to be adjusted, or adapted, to each circumstance. at the end of the day, facts, aren't solid after all, they are indeed subjective.

i have not lived as long as our great grandparents have, let's say my great grandpa whom died at 100+ years old. nor have i gone through sufferings or commotions as he had during the Malaya days. nor have i gone through the hardship that he went with great grandma prior to getting solemnized in the middle of the war/state of emergency and up in the hills. those are facts. but facts that lead to questionings, of which may lead to further alterations of one's initial fact of the story.

but when it comes to dealing with facts that people say about you, or your career, or your family, or anything significant to you in that matter, it often trails to emotions; negative, most of the time. imagine someone calling your family "a disturbed institution", eventhough it was a cold hard fact, wouldn't you want to express a little resentment, or disagreement? and somehow you would still want that person to inject a pinch of positivity somewhere along the line, because really, there were some good coming out of all that disturbances?

how about when someone says that you're so negative and ugly that u have no sense of "living"? doesn't it get to you, on how little the other person knows about you when they blurt things as such, because literally they didn't bother getting to know the other side of you?

poeple often make mistakes of judging others through facts that they see facade-ly. no, being BFFs doesn't mean you know them inside out. no, being friends for 50 years doesn't mean u know the other inside out. fact is, no one knows what the other person is like 100%, even if you were blood-related, or married, or were housemates for 10 years. you just don't know.

i have always been the sort of person who tells it to the face. yes i admit, when i'm with friends and family, i was very insensitive. i was vulgar, and i was an extro. some love me, most do not. but it hit me hard one fine day when i found out that a person i call my comfort spitted nasty criticism, of which was regarded as "a cold hard fact". I WAS A NASTY PERSON. and i was slumped. not because i couldn't take that "fact", but because despite the other's bad sides, i never said things like that so transparently. yes, ironic. eventhough i was said to be so transparent and insensitive, i still had morality and dignity. i do not, regard one as low, and so liquidly. the other reason i was slumped was because i prayed for the people around me, including this one. i prayed for Allah to guide us through, to give us good health to undertake our responsibility on earth and towards the preparations of the afterlife. i prayed for sense of forgiving, to forgive those who have made, is making, and will make sins to us. i prayed for everyone's wellbeing and blessed prosperity, and be humble of the good life Allah has granted. I prayed for all. and all I received were bad judgments and perceptions.

think about it. that someone that you just said nasty things about, or criticized about, intentionally or not, may just be the person who has been praying for your good health, and prosperity. you should be thankful that there are people doing it on your behalf, when you hadn't done the simplest good yourself. wallahu'alam.
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