Friday, January 22, 2010

:: twittwitmebum ::

ok ok so i've been missing for quite a while. aiiihhhhh been busy busy busy.

work-wise, been forever on outstation duties.
love life-wise, been having short getaways with my dearest *wink
social-wise, been hooking up with aref, zana, farrah for meals and teas, and the usj clan for daytrips

other than that, been busy helping out with Bob's sister's significant days. this is what happened.

It was the day Bob and I arrived at his house from Bukit Tinggi. Quraisyah (Bob's second sister) came back with such anxiousness in her face, with tiptop level of determinations on cleaning the house. and i was left pondered. so i asked, and the reply was "oh my god, Wati didn't tell u?".

"What? what on earth am i possibly missing?!" (with absolute confidence that i was NEVER out of the loop of course).

"Heelloooo, Boy's family is sooooo coming tonight, nak merisik Wati la!"

with bulged out eyes, and voice box waiting to explode, "holy craaaaaaaaaappp! why didn't u tell me earlier?! look at how i'm dressed, u gotta be kidding me!"

note: i wasn't wearing anything flashy nor inviting. i was wearing a long-sleeved stripey body-hug and jeans.

"Hello, bukan u yang nak dirisik, buat pe nak cantik2?!"

"Eh hello balik, takkan i nak dilihat sebegini! at least i pakai la baju kurung gak ke ape kan, dah kate i akan dilihat di dapur dan tolong serve makanan!"

"Oh ya eh. ehehhehe...tak terpikir pulak. hehe!"

"Thanks. let me panic now."

and a pair of eyes stared at me for quiet sometime, then came movements from that set of lips.
"Sayang, u tak bawak baju spare eh?...pinjam baju diorg ke?"

"Bie, kita dari mane tadi? dari umah i ke dari bercuti? heh? speaking of pinjam, lebar-wise, yes i can fit into their clothes, but PANJANG-wise, hoi, are u blind? i'm like a freakin midget walking in this house!"

"Oh ya...lupe plak u pendek."

Then a huge laughter from the crowd.

"ha ha very funny ah boy. u wait."

then came a familiar figure.

"E'eeeeeeeeeeennnnn! Boy nak dtg merisik malam ni! tolong i pleeasseee?!!"

"Yes, and so i've heard. ha bagus bagi tau aku lambat2, dan aku berpakaian camni! cheeehh! fine, what r u guys serving? let me help"

And the rest was history. Adam (Bob's photocopy, but in a more youthful and darker version :P) was labelling the dish as "hotel-like presentation", very "semangat" gitu. ok, i'll take that as a compliment eh? :) Ceremony was quick, with Boy's side giving the ring in under 20mins upon arrival, followed by sounds of light clicks and bangs and screeches and knocks of cutlery and plates.

Everyone was happy. As for I, I was having a great time getting to know Bob's elder brother (from the first marriage) Abang Boy, and his girlfriend Dora (dora datang laagiii! hahahha), accompanied by tons of laughter in the kitchen, where we shared guilt-free moments of gobbling down fried rice-noodles, fried chickens, and two local kuihs.

note: Bob wasn't there the whole night, he was out watching Selangor vs KL Plus with friends. yes, has been a habit that his "representative" is seen at occasions like these. again, very funny ah u boy? u waaaaiiittttt!

But i'm not complaining...i had a great time :)

on a subsequent note, now that the Majlis Merisik is over, here comes the Engagement Day!
February 7th, 2010. Take note.

And we've been busy shopping and setting up the dowries, i.e. hantaran. and yes, i'm doing most of the decorations. :)