Sunday, September 13, 2009

:: Let's Stay Together ::

i wanted to wait for the weekend to end before i post my next entry. really because i had nothing much to share, hence bundling up events would be the most appropriate :)

Tuesday saw me havinga massive gossip session with dearest Fiqa, although we had our break-fast quite late due to "fully-reserved" restaurants. So there I was, munching on Shihlin's spicy XXL crispy chicken (which WAS super XXL). I couldn't eat much, literally had only a fifth of it, while Fiqa managed to gobble down her spicy fried seafood tempura... (i got that right, right Fiqa?) yeah, we had our dinner later at Johnny's and it was a GOOD one! we should do this more often u know Fiqa, since Shikin and Shahrin are such arses, saying "steamboat isn't fulfilling"! they surely don't know how to appreciate food kan kan! hehehe...

Wednesday say me gathering up with the BUS STAND CLAN! weehooo! the annual e-commerce buka-puasa session was held at Marche, but this time missing Po (had to stay back for work!) and Zaza (alhamdulillah, was doing her umrah)...So yeah, there was just myself, Farah, Ana, Aiza, Alif and Raimi...also accompanying us were Aiza's hubby and his client :) It was quite an overwhelming one, with so much foooood! I pity Farah who couldn't stand the sight of blocks and chunks of food as she is expecting *wink*. Six more months and Farah+Sofie junior will scream HELLLOOOOOO worlldd! hehehe...Thanks a bunch to Raimi who paid my share, as I am broke AS HELL :) thank you thank you thank you Raimi!

Miss Liyana then went to Menara MPPJ for a family gathering on Saturday. This time, super pity me, because not only my PMS was so bad, I ate just the mee rebus and dessert! Bob really believes that this is due to me being "overly-conscious" of my weight. Well, not that I'm gonna deny that fact though, but no, it isnt because of that sayang, really...It's just the fasting month i guess...oh well, goodie goodie because i'm like 500 grams to 48kg! weehooo!

Sunday Sunday Sunday! The day i've waited for! Not only was I soooo happy that beloved boyfie Bob volunteers to accompany me for grocery shopping (which brings nothing back to him), my 3 beloved girlfriends came by for a massive masak-masak and buka puasa!!! *sorry, no pictures yet, will update soon*. And so, it started with me on my attempt to work on the fishes from SCRATCH. yes people, i had to scrape the fins (they were all over the kitchen, mind u) and chuck out the guts. I managed to fillet one of the fishes only, as i ran out of time! (crucial time management this one!)...then came my the two angels; Fiza and Khair, Khair's famous brownies, AND Fiza's infamous camera! hahahahhah! So yeah we got started until we realized that there were significant absentees - the chilli, the kailan, and THE daun limau-. Thank God for Fiza and Khair who were kind enough to get them at the nearby grocer while I fry my fish, neverendingly :P .....3/4 of the way, Aimi came with supper-yummy-licious strawberries and cream, and my Hari Raya cookies! yipppee!!! So yeah, not only we played award-winning-housewives, we too played mrs. darcy's-tea-and-dessert session! (we even had a change of tops!) hahahahha i just HAD to get that out! It was just awesome! It literally was the most care-free day i've had after soooooo many somehow reminded of the MMU years we had together, where nothing else could make our day but the simple space for teh o ais and goreng pisang, the mopped tiles, the funky sling-bags, and US.

*background music: Lemar's Let's Stay Together, Robin Thicke's Ask Myself, KRU's Apa Saja, Texas's Say What U Want*

I wouldn't wanna trade anything for these moments. OUR moments.
I miss you guys already; Fiza, Khair, and Aimi...and Aiman, where art thou? missing you too, always :)
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Sunday, September 06, 2009

:: Taik Kerbau, part 2 ::

Rase mcm nak penerajang diri sendiri.

Takpe, time to turn around and have a change of personality.

I shall do myself up super awesome-ly and make heads turn, not just due to physical facade, but also the charisma that i'm bringing with me.

Insya allah. In the meantime, save some money E'en. Farrah Najwa too.
We're going for holidays this December, and August next year. take note. anyone else is welcome to come along.

August itinerary: Melbourne + Brisbane (and maybe Adelaide too)

:: Peanut Butter Yoghurt ::

some of u may have known.

I went for my PTD interview last wednesday. In a nutshell, it was horrendous. don't ask why, but most of my trusted government allies told me of how gruesome these panels could be, simply because of their intentions of massive provocation and aggravation. yes, leading to people storming out of the room, even breaking people into tears. honestly, i for one, whom has been quite a hard-head myself, was not ruled out by these possibilities. yes, i almost cracked, but luckily i got to hold my tears up. else, well, u know what happens if i do.

anyway, i dont wanna talk about work. has been super slow for me, despite having that curiosity and enthusias like a few weeks before i was officially employed. call me ungrateful, but nothing was right since day one. not only that i had no sense of drive in every aspect, but it got bad to the extent of colleagues sexually harrassing me. like, what the hell? not only one of them, who's bloody OLD and bloody SHORT held his arms around my shoulders on my FIRST event, but he and his f***ed up, childish, immature clique was talking about my breasts! what the hell weiii!!! u think i'm one freaking cheap b****? bloody hell, ur mentality and even educational background is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY below mine, and u had the guts to put me down to ur level? get a grip stupid old, married MEN. and to add salt to injury, i will be working hand in hand with these bastards for as long as i'm in this department! crap. if dato' knows about this i swear, u guys are sooooo losing ur jobs. ur freaking lucky i'm not exercising my loop of network. seriously, u think i LOVE to brag? f*** you i don't. if i do, then the whole media prima would've known who i am, and that bloody dato' would have lost his job months ago when i left! u bloody bastards are so lucky i kept my mouth shut and pretended i am nothing. DON'T TEMPT NOR CHALLENGE ME. man, i just yapped about work. shit.

On the other note, everything else remains stagnant. nothing's going greater nor is anything going worse. me and bob, still the same, going on our 3rd year this September 10th. yippie.
My little sister is getting engaged this October, and plans to get married by March. woohoo. Everyone in the family predicted accurately, that i'll be the last one standing, solo. oh well, guess my luck has never been great aye? will try to push it harder next time, just dont know when exactly. yeap, i'm losing my faith in "sky's awesome after rainy days", "there's nothing more wonderful that the exchange of love", blablabla. i'm a pessimist. nope, nothing new there. has always been. only managed to shrug it off for like 2 years or so, then i'm back to square one, due to people i'm attached with bombarding me with the same old attitude and story.

i am so giving up. i'm still quite sane, but having said that, insya allah i wont give up my life unwisely.

Congratulations to Nurul Mardziah Hamdan, a friend of 10 years who's getting married this 7th Syawal @ 27th September...thank you love for the invitation, I shall be there to witness your big day, before u fly off to land down under with dear husband :)
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