Thursday, August 25, 2011

:: The Good and The Awesome ::

and so. I now pronounce myself, WIFE :)

June 25th saw me being married to this humble man i've dated for almost 5 years. Syukur alhamdulillah everything went well, and with Bob's endless support and not to mention patience on my countless rants, we are now the new Mr and Mrs Khairul Nizam :)

Some may already new, some may have not. The wedding reception was held at De Palma Hotel, Shah Alam. Yes, I was my own wedding planner. I was literally still running up and down, hotel room to dinner hall 3 hours before my wedding. Why 3 hours u ask? Because I had my hair done first for a solid hour, thanks to my ever-so-awesome hairstylist whom has been doing my hair for the past 8 years! Philip, no one understands this ridiculous hair more than you do! :) So, make-up was done by my very own sister Tina, and it took torturous 2 hours to get it done. Yes, was indeed a complete torture because I had to have my head up straight due to my nicely done hair. awesome possum. i had to deal with a stiff neck for the rest of the week!

Dresses. My solemnization (nikah) dress was by none other than Nazleen Noor. A close friend's sister whom treated me just as professional and as warm. She made my life soooo easy; she understood what sort of dress i wanted. Thanks also to Shafiza Azali for buying the super awesome cloth and lace for the dress back in 2008 (yeap, i kept it for 3 years!) in Bandung. I think Nazleen didn't have too much of a hassle anyway because I had the dress drawn in my head, it's just the matter of translating. Nazleen did just as so, just as I imagined it would be. I almost had tears in my eyes when I saw the dress done for the first time, paired with a custom-made shoe, and a very modest and subtle veil, and a very elegant-looking gold tiara to match my matte-gold dress. It was the PERFECT wedding outfit. just, perfect. And the Baju Melayu for Bob? Just as perfect! Nazleen went to get the cloth for his, and had it done very neatly, to go with a hand-sewn, Terengganu white with pastel coloured flowers "sampin" i bought for Bob as a wedding gift :)

As for the reception's dress and tux, we rented them out from Bridal House in SS2. It was white, with silverish embroideries, and comes along with a 3/4 sleeved- small jacket. Bob's tux was off-white, which came with a white cravat and off-white vest. We chose to have his shirt, cravat and napkin customized at a tailor in Summit USJ, and the final product was over the top. They were all very neatly done (and of course, cost us some great money :P) and goes so well with the rented tux. My sister Tina sponsored me an Enzo Angiolini pair to my surprise, and I sponsored Bob's :)

The Aussies came down for both events, and even had their share of Perhentian Island! Apart from being so supportive and helpful, they injected some massive cheap medicine into my days of stress and panic, soothing both Bob and I with a snap of a finger at times in need. I owe heaps to them, for adding so much joy to the wedding and the preps, and for spending so much money just to be there for me, with those lovely chiffon chili-red dress purchased on their own, just to walk with me down the isle as my 5 Bridesmaids.

And then there was Fiza and Emmy, my Master of Ceremony(s) for the night. They put in so much effort and had so many sessions with me on running through the scripts. They were also so very proactive in making sure that the dinner reception goes well. It indeed was, a very smooth-sailing, and QUICK wedding reception. With the help of my other friend Roudha and dear cousin Effendy as my floor and AV managers, the wedding was indeed a memorable one.

Hats off to the bridesmaids, the MCs, and the floor and AV managers for your excellence. Guests and family enjoyed the wedding so much, and my parents for the first time, was so care-free. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for everything. You guys will forever have a spot in this mental-archive of ours :)

I would like to apologize to so many friends that I either am not able to invite, or i bluntly forgot about. I hope you understand that my guest count was very limited (since it's a seating event), and I must admit, I was so tired and was so close to losing my mind on preparing for my big day. I truly am sorry. especially to my dear friend anas hazwan and family, I am sorry I didn't extend the invitations to you guys. I swear I wrote your names on my list, but I must've have accidently canceled them off when I had to filter more than 50 guests that night. Turns out that almost 5 tables were empty for the reception, due to traffic congestions and lack of parking space since there was a night market just behind the hotel that very same night.

But alhamdulillah, everyone was happy, the bride and groom were happy, the guests were happy, and the family; contented. Thank you so much everyone for making it happen :)

p/s: I have now officially worn my hijab. no, not because my husband told me to, but simply because i felt that it was the right time :)

Snippets of the wedding shall be uploaded soon.
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