Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

:: The Long-Needed Date ::

.the sky is literally, the limit to this bond we're both comfortably holding on to.
.even the van couldn't separate us.
and i would love for this to stay as it is, for the longest time, insyaallah :)
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

:: Happy Happy May and June! ::

World of the unemployed has so far been nice to me :) hikkkk!
Not only that I got the chance to bring my mother out for hi-tea, i also got the chance to catch up with dear boyfriend and friends...my goodness, my outdated-self is unexceptable! roaaaarrr!

Oh well, guess everything happens for a reason. :) My birthday was a good descent one. With Bob splurging on food and entertainment for me @ Hard Rock Cafe, and close friends to sing our hearts out and dance the night away to the sounds of good ol' band from the Philipines :) As soon as I got home from KL, mom came up to me and......let the pictures do the talking aye? :)

aaaaaaaa....see the bling-bling? oops, please excuse the lack of cloth on me self yah. hehe...
Yeah so there it was...mom had it in a small cream-coloured box with a huge ribbon on it. It was very very unexpected because all my life, this is the first time that mom had bought me something, instead of the usual "here's some cash for u to splurge on". and so, as soon as i opened it, my heart dropped as my eyes focused on the familiar blue-box with silver ribbon. yeap, it's none other than...tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...Diamonds and Platinums baybeeeeee!!! AND, the best part was that this ring was the ring we both liked, and mom said that it would be the perfect engagement ring :) yeah, maybe some of u have heard, we were supposed to get engaged last January or February, but due to ME not having enough money for anything, we decided to cancel it off and save money for the BIG day. no no, it's not soon my dear friends, moreover that i'm now unemployed, i'd be kidding my parents if i do. hahahhahahahhah! back to where i was, mom wanted to surprise both Bob and I about the ring she bought for me, in other words, and engagement present of course, but since the plans were off, she decided to simply hand it as a good, descent, very adult birthday present. I literally had so much tears and of course, gave mommy a good bear hug for understanding me, and as person I really am.

No people, this entry is not about bragging the average wealth my family has, or the "fortunate events" that I get to experience, but merely on sharing my heartfelt joy and love for my family, and great friends whom I share my tears and laughter with throughout my rebellious years.

Thank you, so much.
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