Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It's Personal. Entirely that.

Well I have been blogging at tomboyjambu.blogspot.com for a while since it's my humble collaboration with my infamous bestie..until it came to a halt. I guess we were just too busy.

I guess i'll continue my rants, thoughts or whatever it is you call it here. My, personal space. Hey and look, i've changed the layout! Used to be quite good at editting the html myself but lost the skills over the years. Mind you, has been more than 5 years since i've practiced.

So Ramadhan is coming to an end. 3 days countdown to Syawal and here I am still not "feeling" it just yet. Probably because I no longer have grandparents...things haven't been the same eversince grandpa passed on 2 years ago, followed by grandma last year...They both passed away in January, just a year apart...

We used to have celebrations in Rawang, and Nibong Tebal.. Now it's solely Klang Valley. Which bores me of course and so I chose not to take any annual leave this year.

I gotta get my groove in writing back. This post is probably by far the lamest. As I speak as myself, not as a narrator.

Oh well. til then.

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