Thursday, April 13, 2017

:: Between Philophobia and Egoism ::

What we know, and we experienced are entirely beyond subjective when it comes to "feelings".

A being may literally be scared to love. And a being may just be an egoistic bas**** when it comes to acknowledging what ever it is that's burried inside. For reasons each has, entailing to their own motives, one shouldn't be justified by what the words and/or actions given.

Even one can be really disturbed by its own game of heart. Now can you say that you love someone because you love, someone?

The universe isn't complex. Nor is it complicated. It is, what it is. And you are, what you are. For what we believe is complex within us is just our ways of expressing. But the root to where such complexity comes from is firm. It is explainable, and it is, singular.

Could we actually stop asking why. Or when. Or how. Or what. Or where. Could i actually be, certain. Discerning. Adamant. And focused. For what has been, and what is, have not been. For what it felt like an oblivion, still is, oblivious.

For what it's worth. What is, worth what.
I need a freakin cuppa.


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