Thursday, August 17, 2006

eNdLeSs GrAt|tUdE...

alhamdulillah...i've finally graduated...
convo was held on 12th august...
and i'm grateful to my family for supporting me throughout my studying years and also for coming to my big day...Dad, stepmom, alia, farah, fiza n khair gave me gorgeous bouquet of flowers... thanx u guys sooooo much! had a long day, rite after convo, me, alia, farah najwa, farah nadz n aiza went to Nando's @ OU, pelahap like there's no tomorrow ok...hahah...then we went to shop @ Topshop (hahah farah nadz takde kesian heheheh)....

So many good things came my way, alhamdulillah...great friends, great achievements, great memories, great family....god, i wouldn't wanna change anything on what i have rite now...

One thing i that everybody needs a friend, a shoulder to cry on...AT LEAST one ok... and never EVER neglect ur family members....coz ur friend(s) might just bail on u, family, NEVER...u might think that ur family can be such pain in the arse, useless n so actual fact, they're the ones who really taught u on how to live ur life n not turn out to be a spoilt brat...I almost lost my bestfriend, and at that moment my world trembled so badly...i realized, the person concern plays a really HUGE part of my life...never have i ever choked n cried over a friend...and i want u 2 know, that u mean the world to me, and no one can ever replace u... EVER... and of course, i don't ever wanna lose my other close friends, u guys are my guardian angels....i wouldn't wanna lose u ever either...

:: Let it be that I die without a life companion, but I don't ever wanna die without being meaningful to others who treasure me and appreciates me 4 who I am ::
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

p|eRcEd mY hEaRt...HoPe 2 d|e....

Tertegun ku memandangmu
Saat kau tinggalkanku .. menangis
Bodohnya ku mangharapmu
Jelas sudah tak kau pedulikan cintaku

Mestinya telah kusadari
Betapa perih cinta tanpa balasmu
Harusnya tak ku paksakan
Bila akhirnya kan melukaiku

Mungkin ku tak akan bisa jadikan dirimu kekasih
Yang seutuhnya mencintaiku
Namun kurelakan diri
Jika hanya setengah hati
Kau sejukkan jiwa ini

Ku hanya terus berharap
Satu hari kau mampu .. sadari
Tiada yang pernah mengerti
Sepertiku setulus hati mencintaimu

:: Setengah Hati by Ada Band ::