Saturday, June 28, 2008

:: A Dedication ::

The new layout is dedicated to my dear friends, whom were there supporting me all the way through my Master's degree in Melbourne, just last year.

Many many thanks....And yes u guys, i still keep the scrapbook, and will never let go of it...
EVER. :)

The loyal friends, Mommy and hubby.

Sunrise, the first sight of Melbourne.

The place I called home.

My first Aussie mates, my first circle of friends :)

Classmates and seniors, end of Semester 1, with my favourite lecturer Terry Dibley.

Malaysian, Malaysian, Thai, Chinese, Thai, at our "hotspot" for cigarette breaks! :P

Our site visit on OCAV's project with GM Philip, and lecturers Leslie and Jill. Celebrating the final week of our job as consultants. We rocked their socks! yeehaa!!!

And finally, my all-time fetish Krispy Kreme. I usually finish all of 'em myself within 2 days, eating "moderately" LOL!

I miss Melbourne! uuhhuuu.... :'(
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

:: Irony ::

It's funny how ur lifetime bestfriend flips and started telling facts and fictions to others, just to satisfy his/her own insecurity and self-esteem.

And yet, u never question ur undying love and loyalty towards that person.
Not just because u've shared so much time and memories together, but adamantly on the trust and a lifetime iron-clad hope on having the person to "snap out of it" and realize the reality revolving around.

Broken relationships will never go back to the same state again. But what if the relationship and bond created was only "broken" by one party, while you did nothing to contribute to the chipped relationship? The one that broke the relationship did it on his/her own, and created a barrier him/herself out of own paranoia, subsequently blaming you, THE bestie, for the "fantasized-hurtful-agendas"? Who is it to blame then?

You've tried so hard to resolve things...even had heart-to-heart talks.
The "talk" somehow led ur bestie to open up and spill out dissatisfactions.
Things looked good after that.
But it turns out that, few days after, ur bestie started telling others that he/she did it just to satisfy YOU, and that the talk brought no significance to his/her life.
And yet, you, THE bestie, whom then found out about it, continues loving the person for whom he/she has been, is, and will be.

Is that love, or is that stupidity?.
I don't know. Coz someone told me that I was never good at judging love and loyalty.
So you tell me.
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Friday, June 20, 2008

:: Syukur tak Terhingga ::

I am the luckiest woman on Earth!
I love my results!
I love the offer of my new job!

Ladies and gents, I am graduating this July with Distinction average resullltttsssss!!! yeeeeeeeehhaaaaaawww!!!!


Thank you God for the super cool brains!!! I'm a happy donkey!!!!
Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah......

LIYANA ZAINUDIN, BEcomm (Hons), MB (e-Business and Communications)

Hell how cool is thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a donkey with Master's.

.................................HAPPY nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.................................
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

:: To Be, or Not To Be ::

I locked my eyes on a woman, suggesting that he/she is filled with hauteur, slamming heels on marbled cement with sounds howling around an empty hall. Everyone of us, of sound mind, i believe, will eventually dream of acting out the same attitude as we achieve our personal achievements. But most of us, will have that imagination running through our heads, even as we walk across dusty halls inhabited by roaches and mice. Ugly. Even so, these are humble thoughts, of which i regard as the most noble thing for humans to do; to stay average. Events that took place in my life got me miffed and utterly disappointed. Sometimes i wish i have not known, i have not had the eagerness to explore and question things, for staying darn oblivious and ignorant may just hell serve me well.

Things that don't break you will make u stronger. Really?
How about the things that break ur brains and nerves, literally? Wouldn't that person lose his/her sanity and strength then?

I should've done my Master's in Philosophy. Would've been even greater.
And maybe I should've just gone for my Math degree yonks ago. Double degree and master's maybe? Hmmm....where to find money then. PhD?....hmmm....At least when I get my PhD, i could put up a haughty manner and live up my fantasy world everywhere i go! aaaaaa sounds good. :)

:: Sedang Ingin Bercinta :) hik ::

To hubby, with love.

Sólo usted, puede hacer este cambio en mí

Por que es verdad, tú eres mi destino

Al celebrar mi parte, soy entienda

la magia que lo hace

Eres mi sueño hecho realidad

mi único y solamente tu

Only You, by The Platters.
cheesy, i know. i don't care. He made me become every guy's dream girl :)
Thank you, Bobby, for everything...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

:: Small Update ::

aha! so Farah put up some photos on my bday here they are!

Alexis' Pavlova

Me, in the attempt to kill the bloody clown, whom I call IT! hehe

That's all folks! :)

Friday, June 06, 2008

:: Numerous Events ::

Hell i've not blogged for quite sometime (I think!) goes...

30th May marked my birthday...also my last day teaching at Limkokwing Executive Leadership College, tada! i've finally revealed where I worked! nyahahahha...
This year I turn 24, and i'm quite flattered with my birthday celebration.
Alia, Farah, Emmy and Farrah treated me for a cozy dinner at Bora Asmara...picture, wahai Farah and Alia, please forward it to me ya! They also bought me super sedap Brownie cake! yuummm...nasib je takde ice-cream, kalau tak mmg licin!...oh ya, our "neighbour" also celebrated his birthday, and so we exchanged cakes. His was Alexis' Pavlova...ya allah sangat sedap!!! hahahhaha takpe2, next birthday, Alexis pleaseeeeeeeee! :P

My students! aha my students! They were the sweetest angels! Thank you so much for the Secret Recipe cake, Mahesh and Pooja, my two-siblings-brainy students! hehehehe...It's as if they knew me too well, they bought me CHEESECAKEEEE!!! i loovveeeeeee!!! Note this Mahesh, I gobbled it down UNDER 3 minutes! hahahahha And not to forget, thanks to Temitayo and Abolanle (haa nama pelik2 naaaaa) for the presents! :) Erm, so Mahesh, once you've become rich and famous (which is not long, very very soon hehe), i demand Haagen-Dazs' ice cream cake! hehehehhe

Thanks also to Mommy and Papa for their cash presents :) heheh i'm a spoilt brat i know.
And thank you to hubby, for splurging and pampering me with TGI Friday's hehehhe :)
Me lovie youuuuuuuuu!

Hubby, fascinated by the books-arch! hehe!

Aaaaa before I forget...The week before, 23rd May, me and hubby went to Genting Highlands. We've been wanting to visit Ripley's Believe It Or Not since last year OKAY. So yeah, we were the JAKUNs, spent about hour and a half in there, mesmerized and fascinated by the "believe it or not" stuff! LOL! It was also a coincidence that Matt was there to celebrate his birthday with his beloved gf and soon-to-be in-laws :) Unfortunately, we had to rush off...Sorry Matt!

Fuh...there goes....I had tons of Fun! :)
XOXO...saye lah Gossip Girl sbnarnye....hahahhahahaha oh somebody slap me!
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:: Mommy's Share of Fun ::

Mom attended her 4th College Malaya University alumni dinner recently at the Lake Gardens, KL. While typing this, I'm watching Mom and her band in action, singing one of my favourite rock songs, Have You Ever Seen the Rain, by CCR, and even my all-time favourite The Beatles' Obladi Oblada. Their dinner even made it to Malaysia's magazine ROTTW, hell, i couldn't believe it! hahahha...

Well, watching her and her ideal fun time with old friends made me ponder....
Will I ever have that same share of joy with my old colleagues, my high school, university, Aussie mates?....Tears roll down my cheeks as I reminisce of the good ol' times, discarding the heart-aching events that do not contribute to the best part of me.

My mom's band, despite of them aging 50 and above, were hell of good musicians.
They even had their group cheer can u believe that?!

I shall therefore cherish my past, the past friendships, eventhough some of them have been broken due to childishness and immaturity :)

Credits to and thank you, Harani Hussin for sharing your joy and laughter...

Obladi Oblada Live goes oooonnnn braaaaaaa laa la how life goes on!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

:: Final Assgmt, CHECKED! ::

And I've submitted my FINAL assgmt, for my FINAL semester of my Master's Degree!!!

I'm sooo happy, u have no idea!
Oh ya, ONE distinction already in hand! nyaahahahahaha
anxiously waiting for the results of the other 3 subjects :)


I WANT to graduate by JULY please!

Monday, June 02, 2008

:: d'Artagnan & the 3 Musketeers ::

Seriously, I think we should be named after the legends, d'Artagnan and the 3 musketeers.
You see, Fiza, Khair and Aiman used to be the 3 stooges, and somewhat "hated" me during my 1st few weeks in MMU Melaka...funny how things went, we're now inseparable. Thanks to Zul's wedding (nyeheheh) held today at Maktab Polis Diraja yg sangat jauh itu (sorry Zul!), we were re-united again...oh how we missed those days when we were just 18....I'm glad each one of us took the initiative to go all the way to the wedding! :) So yeah u guys, I believe we should give each other names now....since d'Artagnan was the "outsider" and the one being disliked at first, so i shall be him, hahahha...

E'en = d'Artagnan
Fiza = Athos
Khair = Porthos
Aiman = Aramis

COOL...... hahahhahahah
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