Monday, February 23, 2009

:: Dream Job? ::

Adding insult to injury.
I am complaining about my job; the job that most people would go.. WOooOoaAaaHhHHhh.....
but..i don't know....
I have not had a good, descent weekend for the past 2 months. God damn it, i've been working on every goddamn weekend!!!! Ingat dah terlepas from Jom Heboh in Malacca, sekali kene gi duty kat Shah Alam plak. hak elaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Now u tell me, is it really worth it? If I get paid AT LEAST RM300 a day in the weekends then fine, i'll do it. dah la bayar sikit, pastu replacement off pon takde! the best they could give was "come to work by 11am tomorrow ya!" ....WHAT THE?!!!!!

Tiap2 minggu dah keje weekend, habuk pon takde? agak-agak ar weeeiiiiiiii...ingat kitorg ni semua kuli batak takde life ke...ingat korang je yang ade family and life ke.......????!!!!

Bak kate Bob, "Gi makan taik ah!"
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:: Bagai Menelan Duri Yang Manis ::

how do u deal with people who are super addicted to having "split personality"?
i am speechless.
i am utterly disappointed.
i am having an enormous empathy, so enormous that i wish i could turn back time, and not grow up...and be accounted for every little teeny-weeny finger up-ping hair-flicking snorting gestures u make; which inevitably WILL back fire u.


no, my dear loyal readers. i did not screw anything up. it's just the biggest ironic agenda to ever, and i mean EVER take place in my life, so far. having the truth to revealed has never been this hurtful. i mean, it didn't happen to me. but the fact that it happened to someone so so so close to me, and had ME revealing the truth FOR

ya allah...please help us be better in our judgements.
help us be the best in what we can be.
help us abstain from accommodating our desires too much and end up getting hurt too much, that getting back on our feet seem impossible.

i feel sick. i am sad. i am....i am....i think i just lost myself.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

:: Message In A Bottle ::

sorry No Doubt n Brandon Boyd of Incubus, for "borrowing" ur song title.

Dear Little One,

U have bluntly deceived me.

Worst still, I feel utterly deceived.

I can't believe you'd go to the extent of creating "fitnah" to a super holy man, whom taught us how to recite the Quran. The best part is, the "fitnah" was pertaining your own flesh and blood.

And off u go, indulging on the temporary bliss u gained from being all ignorant and arrogant, while u let the others gulping nails and thorns that you've camouflaged with our favourite strawberry shortcake.

And u still have the chicks to ask the holy man to persuade us onto blessing you on your social-encounter-that-turned-out-wrong? Good lord, what have you done?

That's why people call u the LITTLE ONE. your thinking capacity and maturity are too "little". You've just added insult to injury. Get a grip. Orang yang ingat Allah takde perangai macam ni, maka tak payah la nak berpura ingat tuhan walhal kamu hanya insan yang hipokrit.

Oh, if you're wondering why "Message In A Bottle"?. It's because I can't give it to the Little One straight in the face. I've just told you, Little One is such a hypocrite. So, the only resort left is this...having the "ocean" bringing the bottle to the rightful receiver.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

:: Plain Old Saturday ::

Happy Valentine's Day to those who celebrate. Me? As much as I would love to, have not been celebrating since...erm.....2005? Bob doesn't like the idea of us celebrating something that has to do with another religion..well, not that he's being all racial or religious, but yeah...He doesn't even celebrate birthdays! but i have to admit, that i'm simply thankful due to his efforts on still bringing me out for a simple, romantic dinner for my birthday, just because he knows it means a lot to me :)

And yeah, as much as we want to just relax and enjoy our saturday, today had to be the day of the lovers....which means traffic jam and tons of people everywhere. now that'll be the LEAST relaxing. plus, my boss just mentioned about me having to report for duty for the "Hutan Kita" event at Bukit Kiara. there goes my weekend, AGAIN.

Work has been good. i think. I've migrated from Planning unit to Government Relations. yeah, more outdoor stuff and CSR for me. mor exposure ain't it? good for my portfolio that's for sure!

Oh ya, the girls and I have made a point to have a weekly activity of Literati a.k.a. Scrabble, via online yahoo games :) It may sound a bit nerdish, but hell it has been fun! at least we're improving our vocabulary every week okaaayyyy :) my vocab is running shitier and shitier, so yeah, i NEED the exercise.

I'm thinking of another Master's. Media and Communication perhaps, with AIBD. But that'll mean forking up about RM40k (if i'm not mistaken) ON TOP OF getting the scholarship. Mane nak cari duit ah? Nak buat PhD lagi la mahal! grrrrr.....if only my dad was Warren Buffet or Donald Trump. I won't have to worry about money for education...or better still, not having to worry about getting super great education prior to getting a well-paying job! haaiiihhh.....

Ok enough. Liyana, sila bersyukur dengan ape yg kamu ade.

*beep* your battery is running low.
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Sunday, February 01, 2009

:: The Solemnization ::

Thank u Farah for having me at your big day :)
And Khair, these are some of the pictures for u to see, nanti yg lain kene tunggu facebook la i guess :P
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