Thursday, June 02, 2011

:: June 3rd, 2011 ::

so, anas hazwan is back on blogger. yeaaaaaaaaaaaayy! anas had a very strong effect on my frequency of writing (or more like typing in this case) back in those days. anas, a bit sad to say, that i still have not gotten the grrooovveee back. maybe u went missing too long yeah? probably :P

as usual, everytime i have things to write, reality steals me away. growing old with commitments isn't cool man. do u have any idea how much i had to share. man i can go on for pages!

Chapter 1: The Wedding

So. 3 more weeks, insyaallah, and I'll be wedded to the one i call my heart, my soul, my confidant, my home. yes, no one makes me feel as safe and as comfy. Just got hold of the Borang Nikah, and will start filling them up tomorrow with Bob dearest. Yes many would think we're crazy only to be filling those forms now, i can assure u, we're not. :) coz we've got the kadi booked since february :) alhamdulillah....thanks to dad and friends of course for making this a lot easier for us.

1st fitting - check. next one in 1-2 weeks' time.
Solemnization doorgifts - check
Reception doorgifts - received.
Tents - check.
Dowry - check.
Everything else - CHEEEECCCKKKK!

alhamdulillah everything's quite smooth-sailing now due to the super early preparations. the stress i'm facing now is pertaining my weight, and bodyshape. yes i am overly conscious on how i look like neck-down solely because i can't seem to fit any of my pants anymore. and because of that, i've dragged a friend to go jogging and short striding with me for 2 consecutive days, 10km each day. yeap that's how desperate i am, i'm really sorry if i sounded too pathetic :P

Chapter 2: The PMS

anyway, here's another a bitttt stressful issue i'm facing with. I actually have friends whom bluntly mocks me in social networks. well i think, if a person is able to do that ever so carelessly for the public to read, then i'm sure that this same person will have nil shame nor guilt in not just mocking, but also criticizing another like there's no tomorrow with the absence of electronics.

Chapter 3: The Ignorance

Ignorance is bliss, and so they say. no way, i dont find it blissful in any way. To me, ignorance is the perfect way to not develop and learn, what more to appreciate. Ignorance is a bit heartless, and ignorance may hurt another being.

Chapter 4: The Goal

Pray harder, ask for everyone's forgiveness, get everything ready in 14 days, get some teeth scaling done, have a spa/massage, cut and treat hair. Recite lots of Al-Fatihah, Bismillah, Hasbiyallah, 3 Kul, Ayat Kursi and Selawat til my throat gets dry, and until i am announced as Mrs Mohd Khairul Nizam. Insyaallah :)

Til I have better stories to tell, have a good friday, a good weekend, and a good night's sleep :)