Monday, April 06, 2009

:: Breather... ::

ku sudah bisa terbit dari lembah kemurungan, setelah tujuh kali pusingan hari.

I'm OK. :)

quoting the emerging local singer, slash Amar's brother..

"...hanya engkau yang mampu, taklukkan hati ini..."


:: E'en being emotional. this time, happily. alhamdulillah ::

Sunday, April 05, 2009

:: Song of the Month ::

The very first time that I saw your brown eyes
Your lips said hello and I said hi
I knew right then you were the one
But I was caught up in physical attraction
But to my satisfaction
Baby you were more than just a friend

And if you ever fall in love again
You must make sure that the lady is a friend
And if you ever fall in love so true
You must be sure that she feels the same way too

If I said that I would be your one and only
Promise that you'd never leave me lonely
I just want to be the one you need
I just want to be the one to serve you
Sometimes I feel as if I dont deserve you
I cherish every moment that we share

East 17 feat. Gabrielle
:: If You Ever ::
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Saturday, April 04, 2009

:: Like a Widow In Denial ::

everything that i have hoped for, vanished.

kuasa Allah tiada bandingan. sekali petik, and u end up drowning in your own comfort zone. And now i wanna become everyone else around me. I really do.

i'm eating my heart out. i don't know how to change things for the better anymore. nothing impresses me anymore. i tried so hard...still trying to make myself happy, and simply be content with everything that i have.

the only thing that stalls me from taking a glance at my watch is work. u got it. i am officially a pathetic, no-life, workahlic.

and i'm slowly losing everything, and everyone around me.
thanks JOB. u've done a great JOB indeed.
my life is a joke. a BIG ass joke. let us all laugh, the more the merrier. and now i'm back to the negative me.

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