Saturday, March 12, 2011

:: Weekend On, Weekend Off. What.On.Earth? ::

bummer didn't snap pictures just now.

Had a good breakfast with mom, and decided to buzz my darling neighbours Alya and Nadya! After soooo many years (although we live just 100 metres apart) of not catching up, we finally took the little time we have to update on the years lost. Alya and Nadya indeed have not changed at all; still the super sweet, fun, and joyful sisters we met 13 years ago :) And it was so fortunate of Alya to be around Malaysia with her kids at this time, given that Japan is badly hit by the quake and tsunami. Yup, Alya got married to a Japanese yo! and Nadya soon to be wed too! So off they went to the places I recommended in SS2 to get Nadya's wedding gown :) oh oh can't wait to be around to help Nad with her prep!

As for I, i'm off to get my wedding cards later on with Mr. Fiance! yeay! 300 cards are ready to be distributed, can't wait to see them!

On another note.

Supposed to be at work today, in Bangi for our SOP revamp. But don't think this moody body could stand the stress and coldness, AND, to be in focus for such long hours. Not only my fever's only coming to a subside, but my throat's getting itchier, and this nose is getting runnier, and my ovary decideds to give me a cold hard PMS. yes, i would like to share that my period has been on halt for 3 days due to my illness; or more maybe due to the antibiotics and other pills i had to take. reaaally distrupts my cycle i tell u! grrrrrrrrrrrrr

So what's new. Hmmmm probably nothing much.
Still working hard to lose all these CONCRETE fat, and tone up some muscles so that I'll look yummy for my wedding, and the days after. LOL. Of course you gotta be a yummy wife and mom okay ladies! Remember that Islam did stress on women having have to look good for the husband okay. So don't go all ugly or too carefree about your appearances, then blaming your husband for looking at others. You too have to play your roles well in maintaining a good and healthy family, yes? Indefinitely!

My wife-type idol hence this day forward will be the all famous Hana Tajima, my friends Ewa, Puan Nanako, Fiza Jai, and Salimah. Simply because they're super hot and slim, and working hard at the same time, AND they NEVER forget to be a better Muslim everytime :)

Hmm....maybe insyaallah when I decided to wear the hijab, i shall go for Hana's style? :P Well, u GOTTA look good yeah? LOL.

Til another day, have a good weekend off peeps. I'm off to another hectic one til March ends!
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Friday, March 11, 2011

:: Geeewhiiizzzzz ::

March's a month where I shall have endless rants.
I'm tired, i'm not well, and I have tons of work, courses, and outstations.

Wish me luck. i'm in deep s***.

p/s: uncle shaf, if ur reading this, please ignore my humble rants. LOL!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

:: 107 Days ::


Has been 5 months since i last penned. FIVE months. not funny. nope. that's how little time i had to even THINK about expressing myself through the one and only medium that has served me so well over the past 6 years.

Updates. hmm. as per title mentioned, insyaallah it'll be in 107 days that i am officially wedded to the love of my life, the only person i've given almost all my time, strength, focus, heart and soul to for almost 5 years to date. Alhamdulillah, preparations have been smooth-going as we've not only planned and got almost everything done months before the day comes, but also because papa has been so supportive to help us through and booked us the hall. THAT, was the initiation stage. yup, after almost 2 years of both Bob and I talking and discussing in the air over matters relating to the lifetime commitment, we are finally counting days and sweating blood and tears in hopes for it to be the wrapping up of my family's wedding ceremonies, insyaallah. Correct, I am, the last in the family to get hitched, but I am not fretting, alhamdulillah, i am very pleased.

Still going strong with my job, with friends, mended the crooked ties with everyone dear to me, and trying very much to be a better person. I know i have not made progress in changing, i have no idea why. I would so love to blame the stressful job, and the average pay, and the not-slim-enough physique...and the ugly hair. maybe i'm not thankful enough to Allah for giving me soooo much, in actual fact. maybe i am too envious of those rich kids who live a good life, eating healthy food, having their weekly manicure/pedicure, bi-weekly hair treatments at the salons, having fancy dinners every fortnightly, driving expensive cars, not having the slightest hardship of getting money to get married or even to have kids of their own...and the list goes on.

and here i am, portraying that nothing bothers me, when all i'm left is just a third of the salary i get for my daily living, which of course includes food, toiletries, fuel, toll charges and bills. no, i'm not lucky enough like some of you who got hitched to rich kids or already rich and established men/women, in which leads you to zero worry onto thinking of what'll happen if you got into an accident etc? savings are nearly impossible with all these debts. what more to have a comfortable life? I guess this is the test Allah has lined up for me. maybe THIS will help me become a different person, a whole lot better one. simply because, i, have not been totally grateful for the things that came in my way. and because i did not save the tens of thousands i could've had for my future undertakings.

I shall learn to save more. I shall learn to listen and take my darling Bob's advices seriously. I, shall become a better Muslim. I, shall become a happy person.

And i forgot how good it feels like to write. It does take my burden away. :) Thank you Allah, for making us humans such geniuses, and having the thought of devicing and inventing this internet, and hence blogspot. And thank you readers, my loyal readers for stopping by and check out what I have to say, and probably argue here and there, for your arguments have helped me grow and see things in different perspectives - that I, am not alone in this world. and that harmony exists with the blend of tolerance, anger, perspectives, beliefs, culture, religion, self-righteousness, confidence, esteem, knowledge, science and logic, and not to forget, experiences. harmony is so complex, yet achievable in every way possible. God is great.

Need to list down songs for the band to play for the dinner reception, bi-lingual, yes, both Malay and English as my bridesmaids are Aussies, oh, and a Kiwi, and a Swedish. cool aye? :)

Now, which lucky songs will be in my list?. Head-throbbing session begins.

.107 days-counting begins.
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