Saturday, October 25, 2014

:: In the pursue of the Middle East ::

Alhamdulillah syukur, a supplier turned friend of 4 years have decided to give it a shot. To give ME, a shot, at impressing him with the business. Of course having someone with a Master's background in marketing, Ahmad is no fool and would never take nonsense at any day. 

A lil introduction on Ahmad. He is from Yemen and has been in Malaysia, living and making a living for 13 years to date. It is significant here that i mention, that he is one of the co-founder/partner of the famous Nasi Arab joint named Saba' Restaurant, whose huge chain is located in Cyberjaya. But just few years back he decided to start his own chain, named Ahmad Albab located in Seri Kembangan, near to Jusco and the pasar borong. Not only that, he was our humble caterer during our solemnization in Kota Damansara in 2011! I must say that of all the Nasi Arab i've tasted, hus is by far THE BEST!

So moving on, Ahmad saw the opportunity in Saudi. But he's giving it a trial run first; he will be consuming the Double Stemcell for two consecutive weeks to test whether or not it improves his health. The fact that he knows well about tge mentality and the market of Saudi, Ahmad has decided that IF everything goes well, he will opt for stockist mode, hence becoming Phyto's first Saudi distributor! He believes that good health and beauty product will go a looooonngg way in Saudi. And so, he has his own marketing plan within our marketing plan. GENIUS! Now it has been a week. Let's hope for some major good news the week after next, bismillah!

Thank you Ahmad for your time, and trust, and friendship. May this be a start of more business partnership to come!


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