Thursday, October 02, 2014

The new money-making journey: The extra effort. The extra comfort.

and so i've started blogging with my bestie @ tomboyjambu. has been great, and i guess i do need to turn everything around and give it a fresh punch.

So i think from this entry forth, i'd be using my beloved, precious personal blog into my medium of pocket money-making. I've embarked in this new investment-like Multilevel Marketing (in which somehow has been rebranded as a Multi Volume Marketing) as it no longer carries the old MLM spirit: the upline gets richer while the downline makes all the hardwork. NO.

I find this line of business rather intriguing. It spells "fairness" everywhere within its scheme and it gives back humble returns. Of course with effort. A lot of it. It isn't like any of those "quick rich scheme" nor is it the "sit back and relax while money comes in daily" kinda thing.

No, i'm the most skeptical person when it comes to these types of businesses for I, have embarked in MLM many many years ago myself, and have been disappointed with the returns. The business plan within this is nothing but clever and it encourages team spirit all throughout.

So the company i've joined on September 12th, 2014 is called Phytoscience. Product based marketing, but no sales required. I see this as pure investment slash networking. I find this worth it because i've actually tested the waters on the FIRST day itself. I came in threes; a triangle. Myself, my husband and my sister as investors. To really test to know if it were real, this is the only was possible. So there it is, i actually had ROI of 101% from initial, ONE-TIME investment. What's even more enlightening was that every transaction happened realtime, like literally. They registered me online, and then my account was automatically created, then I was given full authority to register my partners, i.e. my husband and sister, and voila! realtime returns. And then I acquired another investor; my own husband's friend, and there you go, i received my first 4-figure income. JUST.LIKE.THAT.

You think you got what it takes to be in it with me? You think you're ready to make that small yet significant move onto becoming my partner in this? Buzz me right up, no matter where you are across the globe. Seriously because this business is global, and i got paid in USD *wink! The company is as legit as your local financial institutions. If you are, interested, give me a buzz here, i'll be delighted to share :) I'll upload some photos as prove of the transactions of my September income. Or you can visit the company's website at

Stay tuned, and come and join my team 3Tango88!

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