Monday, December 29, 2008

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like always, at this time around, everybody will be wishing everyone else happy new year, happy holidays, selamat tahun baru untuk umat Islam... and then the ever-so-famous statement will appear in everyone's social network site(s), saying "My New Year resolution is.........blablablabla". This is where everybody strive to prove to others that they could achieve what's likely to be UNachieveable SLASH IMPOSSIBLE for them to achieve,....where the fact remains that nothing that they say is the UN or IM because seriously, it's all up to YOU, u know?

Yes, i am the cynical, sarcastic, annoying bitch ur neighbour has been blabbering about. hey, do u really care that much? dont u have anything better to do, STILL?

Ok, my NEW YEAR RESOLUTION is........(drum rolling, skaters crashing on each other, dogs reaping the trash plastics, engines starting....???) get rid of the negative vibes around me! oh yeah..a friend of mine bluntly told it to my face, on how so many of my so-called friends have been scorning me, criticizing me and bad-mouthing about me, when they themselves are the real culprits and attitude-criminals. Surprisingly, some of them who were so busuk hati towards me, remained still, busuk hati, and were so bad at keeping it underwraps that it took me less than 5 minutes to see what they've done behind my back. Ya Allah, mmg Tuhan Maha Kuasa, nak tunjuk orang2 mcm ni....and those friends whom i've kept distant with, has been nothing but NICE to me, and thank you so much..coz that's all that i ever asked for :)

A dear friend, also a mother-figure to me, has said this time and time again, and I will try to patch this on my already JAHAT attitude.

"Don't say anything about a person, if u have nothing good to say about him/her."

True, coz at the end of the day, that does nothing but to project who u really are in the eyes of others. Agree?. u should :)

Wawa's getting married this January 1st, then it's Farah Nadziah's, January 30th...elok lah tu, sekor awal bulan, sekor akhir bulan. Congratulations in advance, and NO, my turn is nowhere soon, thank you.

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