Wednesday, July 15, 2009

:: A Descent Reply to Miss Lalamansor ::

Dear all,

I think this Lalamansor is desperately seeking for our attention, via my blog. so i guess why not we contribute to satisfying her ego, ya? :)

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lalamansor said...

dpt masters from UNI mana? UNI sampah (i.e. not 100 world top uni) baik takyah bangga2.

well dear lalamansor,

again, why do u refuse to put up who you really are in the first place? so now u claim u know so much of the world and how things and everyone revolve around it? :)

uni sampah ke tak sampah, masih lagi di-recognize oleh kerajaan. bukan sahaja kerajaan malaysia, juga kerajaan negeri2 commonwealth.

haruslah saye bangga, sebab orang selalu ingat saye ni sampah, tapi sekarang everybody is happy i changed. so yes, master's was a big deal to me, and i believe i should be proud of it.

on top of that,i bangga sebab i made my father proud. this is what he has always hoped for; one of the daughters to go overseas, have a master's, and be an academician.

if u were my father, wouldn't u feel angry to have someone who has no idea whatsoever on what sort of life his daughter went through, before she got to where she is, judging his daughter as so? i could always go to world's top 100 uni with my results mind u, it's just that we're not that fortunate to have that much of money for the school fees and cost of living. on top of that, there isn't any other sources i.e. scholarships for master's. companies like petronas would only send their employees or their former degree scholar holders. don't think i've not done my research, i have. don't think i've not talked and seen many people in regards to this, i have.

so yeah, i believe everybody has their own 2 cents, and so would you. but if you believe you're so great, then be my guest :) i guess maybe people like you lack in attention and love, that's why u seek for them in every way u could. so here, u got my attention, and i hope you'll be happy now, ok? :)

peace y'all. i'm too a grown-up for this, and making enemies randomly is not what i call an ideal way of life. maybe it is for you, so until u realize that, i wish you the best, dear LALAMANSOR.

p/s: at least i want a better future for me, and doing something about it. thanks :)


oh apparently, a friend of mine found out about this Lalamansor. apparently, he/she (this case maybe it's a she due to the nature of the nickname, unless a trans :P) has been asking people around also about where to continue her master's/ phd. siap merendahkan orang lain bila org 'share' tentang "which university to pick", and highlighted so much on the FUNDING. clap clap dear lalamansor, and here you are, out of nowhere, judging me. u asked people via blogs? is that all the best that you could do? why not have the effort on going to all these FUNDING institutions and have a go urself? see, at least i've done a lot on my part. so before you say anything that may make you look even more pityful, better have your grounds and resources right next time yah? :)
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6 testified:

@mira said...

ade je org dengki ek...hmm..tkde keje pe...sabarla rugi kalo sabar..heh..buat bodoh sudah!!

d|aBoL|c e'En said...

heheh tuh la, pelik i amira...i tak kacau hidup die pon, unless of course if this lalamansor sbnarnye had a history with me, u know what i mean :P tapi whatever it is, kenape laaaa nak berdengki sangat, xfaham saye. she doesn't deserve my patience pon, that's why i treated this as something that happened to pass me by, not even something worth looking deeply into. hehehe... :)

Fhayza said...

e'en, sabar k. minah ni maybe futuh phd holder yang perasaan-hasad-dengki ni.

d|aBoL|c e'En said...

hahahhaha maybe la..oh btw, saye BM bodo banyak, futuh tu ape? :P

Fhayza said...

typo error la!!! tak perasan pulak! future. hahahahahhaha jaug gila tersasar tak bole bla

d|aBoL|c e'En said...

nak future phd hape. master's pon tak dpt lagi die ni kot. bwahahahahahhaah!